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Active Air 24" x 20" 2212-S
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Active Air 24" x 20" 2212-S

Racks and Stands by

Manufacturer's Description:

NOTE: We no longer supply the compressors with the two active Vibraplane versions, and have significantly reduces their prices.  We point purchasers to a company in TX that only charges $500 for the compressor. Same compressor we supplied before, but at a much reduced rate!

Includes Compressor

The VibraplaneT is a high efficiency vibration-free platform originally designed to enhance the performance of electron microscopes. Now, after some modifications, audiophiles can eliminate 98% of environmental vibrations for a remarkable improvement in sound quality.

Floats any component on a cushion of air. Self leveling (model 2212).

Dramatically reduces transient smearing and increases
the resolution level of all components.

Better localization of instruments; wider and deeper
soundstage; increased bass resolution.

Vibration comes from all around us. It can be caused by elevators, passing traffic, HVAC systems, or just human activity. From the early days of Hi-.Fi, the tweakers among us, have tried to counter the negative effects of vibration with various homespun remedies. Some of the typical primitive attempts included slabs of granite, rubber feet of various materials. components hung by wire, even tennis balls cut in half!

These homemade isolation systems only worked if the disturbing vibration was of high frequency and when minimal isolation was required. While most turntable isolation systems use the principle of placing a mass on a damped spring, their performance is the result of the spring stiffness. The stiffer the spring, the higher the resonant frequency.

As an example of the above, place a tennis ball under a granite slab with an 8Hz resonant frequency. This system begins to isolate above 10Hz and will only reduce vibration by 80% at 32 cycles. The Vibraplane, with an 2.0Hz vertical resonant frequency, begins to isolate at 2.5 Hz and reduces vibration by 90% at 8Hz.

When a turntable is placed on the Vibraplane table, it reduces transient smearing and increases the resolution level of the component through reduction of the components' noise floor. It also improves localization of instruments and creates wider and deeper sound staging. These same effects are heard when a CD transport is placed on the Vibraplane.

The usable table top is 24 x 20 inches. The two front feet are spaced 19 inches apart, (center to center), and the single back foot is 15 1/2 inches from the front. The table weighs 150 pounds and will hold a load up to 275 pounds.

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