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Acoustic Zen's Action 2.0 (Pair)
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Acoustic Zen's Action 2.0 (Pair)

Interconnects by Acoustic Zen

Manufacturer's Description:

Acoustic Zen's "Action Series" cables are designed for Home Theater use, specifically to enhance multi-channel music and movie sound track reproduction. The "Action 2.0" has been created for stereo configurations while the "Action 5.0" enhances 5-channel analog sound in a single (ergonomically efficient, completely shielded) jacket for DTS as well as Dolby Digital AC-3 and 5.1 surround sound systems. This uniquely-designed cable package also maximizes the sonic resolution of multi-channel SACD audio discs. Like our "5 series" bundle, the "Action 7.0" cable package has been crafted with a single noise rejection jacket. It enhances 7-channel analog audio with specific design elements that address 7.1 channel home theatre Dolby digital as well as Dolby digital EX along with Dolby Prologic II/IIX, and DTS, DTS-ES, plus DTS "neo-6" decoding functions. Our "Action 0.1 SubPlus" cables recreate extremely accurate, deep low frequency audio. We believe that they set a new standard for subwoofer audio reproduction.

All "Action Series" cables employ Acoustic Zen's Ultra-Pure long-grain crystal copper. Each cable uses air-injected PE foam insulation with 100% noise-rejection shielding to eliminate RF and EMI interference. Our proprietary gold plated connectors are the most precise available. Each is manually-integrated with the purest silver solder ever made for the most precise possible termination. Quite literally, no expense has been spared in creating and manufacturing the "Action Series" of Acoustic Zen cables. They meet our exacting audio specifications. We are sure that, once you place any "Action Series" cable into your home theatre system, the sonic results will astonish and please you.



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