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Oyaide's Across 900 XX (Pair)
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Oyaide's Across 900 XX (Pair)

Interconnects by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

Long awaited, the balanced type ACROSS is now available.

We at Oyaide Electric always strive for measuring up to customer's expectation.
And we have tackled the development of new products by getting a clear grasp of user satisfaction. "ACROSS 900" was created by answering many customers' requests for release of balanced interconnects cable. Inheriting the basic concepts of ACROSS series such as C.I.S structure, halogen-free sheath and PCOCC-A conductor, ACROSS 900 was modified by upsizing its cable diameter for adding dynamism to its sound.

In contrast to its elegant caviar black exterior color, ACROSS 900 is constructed by several innovative ideas and novel design concepts.Its basic architecture is C.I.S structure which was produced to diffuse vibrations into the air chamber rather than being re-absorbed into the cable structure. This newly-developed structure enhances not only vibration damping property but electrical characteristic.

The Multi-stranded wire structure, originally developed for ACROSS series, is applied for maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space and preventing deformation among the wires.
Moreover, spiral shielding is employed for infilling of internal space as well as the conductor and its halogen-free sheath was specifically developed for audio use.

Since the product release of ACROSS 2000 in August 2006, ACROSS series have remained as long-selling products and are deeply admired in Japan and foreign countries.

The XLR connectors (ACROSS 900 XX)

The basis of dynamic and powerful performance is completed by C.I.S structure and PCOCC-A signal transmission unit. The last piece that is necessary for maximizing potential of ACROSS cable is the XLR connectors.

We tested all XLR connector available on the market, and then the best XLR connector, silver plated XLR made by SWICHCRAFT, was selected.

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