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Oyaide's Across 750RR V2 (Pair)
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Oyaide's Across 750RR V2 (Pair)

Interconnects by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

The Across 750 cable emerged as a result of growing customer demand for an interconnect cable that would match the performance of our ACROSS 2000 speaker cable. We have employed the same basic concepts used in our ACROSS 2000 speaker cable - C.I.S. construction, halogen free sheath and PCOCC-A conductors. Modifying the overall design to yield a new type of interconnect cable, the Across 750, a cable that can take you new, unexplored heights of performance.

In contrast to its elegant caviar black exterior color, ACROSS 750 is constructed by several innovative ideas and novel design concepts.

Its basic architecture is C.I.S structure which was produced to diffuse vibrations into the air chamber rather than being re-absorbed into the cable structure. This newly-developed structure enhances not only vibration damping property but electrical characteristic.

The Multi-stranded wire structure, originally developed for ACROSS series, is applied for maximum density and uniformity of wire structure and for infilling of internal space and preventing deformation among the wires.

Moreover, spiral shielding is employed for infilling of internal space as well as the conductor and its halogen-free sheath was specifically developed for audio use.

The astonishingly creative and leading-edge technology honed by decade of experience in developing cables is seemingly married with the sophisticated structure and the latest materials.


This new RCA plug was designed to maximize the performance of the Across 750 interconnect. It is made from RoHS compliant brass, and utilizes a nanotube structure for the center pin to provide maximum contact area. The contacts are plated with 0.5 micron thick Rhodium to prevent corrosion. Internal insulating materials are made from low-dielectric PTEE to extenuate the loss of signal transmission.

Each component of ACROSS 750RR is produced and processed in Japan with confidence in our standard - "Made in Japan".

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