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Music Hall's A35.2 Integrated Amplifier
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Music Hall's A35.2 Integrated Amplifier

Amplifiers by Music Hall

Manufacturer's Description:

The a35.2 is a big powerful sounding integrated amplifier built to fit neatly into the modern household. Geared primarily toward the music lover with a two channel audio system, we have included a direct av input (home theater bypass), for those that want to use the amplifier section of the a35.2 to power the front channels in a home theater set-up. Constructed using the finest parts and hand assembled, the a35.2 is sure to impress. It’s the heart around which a great sounding system can be built and is the perfect complement to our cd35.2 cd player.


  • 85 watt/ch stereo amp
  • Ultra quiet preamp section
  • Gold plated inputs
  • High qrade binding posts
  • Direct AV (home theater bypass) input
  • CD, DVD, Tuner, and Tape input
  • Gorgeous slim line system remote control
  • TI PGA 2311 digitally controlled analog volume control
  • Special vibration damping feet
  • Preamp output
  • Headphone output
  • Detachable AC cable
  • Massive Toroidal power transformer
  • Thick brushed aluminum fascia
  • Easily readable and dimmable vacuum florescent display Dimensions
  • Solid chassis w17 x d14.5 x h3.5 in.
  • Voltage switchable weight: 24 lbs. pkgd.

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