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Acrolink's 8N-Reference USB
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Acrolink's 8N-Reference USB

USB Cable by Acrolink

Manufacturer's Description:

ESOTERIC 8N-Reference USB cable is designed as the highest class USB audio interconnect cable. The material, design and sound engineering - all of these elements vital for digital signal transfer was thoroughly investigated to provide the ultimate level audio experience.

The ESOTERIC 8N-Reference USB cable incorporates 8N (99.999999%) high purity "stress-free" Cu (copper), conductors. This extremely pure and very rare material is manufactured by Nikko Materials Co., Ltd; the one and only manufacturer in the world who produces "true" 8N Cu material. The 8N Cu material was originally developed for the semiconductor industry which requires an extremely high level of quality certification. The 8N Cu guarantees
99.999999% purity and less-than-0.01ppm (parts per million), metallic impurities. This ultimate quality level is maintained by using 'GD-Ms' high precision material analysis technology. The 8N Cu wire uses special "stress-free" annealing technology to minimize distortion of the crystalline structure of the copper. This optimizes the highly purity and conductivity of the 8N-Reference USB cable.

Every design element of the 8N-Reference USB cable is dedicated to sensitive digital audio signal transfer from computer to USB audio devices. 8N (99.9999999%) purity signal conductors are insulated with polyethylene sleeve
 and surrounded by dual layer shields consists of aluminum foil and 6N (99.9999%) purity copper braids. Signal conductors are twisted and shielded again with dual layer shields of 6N purity copper braids and polyurethane enameled copper braids (UEW). Heavy shielding construction keeps the cable free from external noise interference, and provides precise digital data transmission form computer to audio device. The outer jacket is UV-resistant polyurethane to keep the cable from aging and assures long durability.

    •    Model: 8N-RUSB/AB1.0
    •    Cable type: screened 6 core
    •    Conductor material: Stressfree 8N copper
    •    Conductor diameter / strands / : ?0.12 / 5
    •    External diameter: 7.8mm±0.2mm
    •    Connector housing: 24K gold plated milled brass
    •    Connector type: USB type A to USB type B
    •    Standard sales length: 1.0 meter

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