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Electro-Harmonix's 7591A  EH - Platinum Matched (Single)
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Electro-Harmonix's 7591A EH - Platinum Matched (Single)

Tubes by Electro-Harmonix

Manufacturer's Description:

Tired of saying "fuggettaboudit," "can't get 'em," "UNOBTANIUM!"? Well, now we got 'em. And they're for real! Smooth, yet punchy, with a sweet harmonix finish, this year's vintage from New Sensor. Ampeg owners, rejoice!

Electro-Harmonix 7591A EH's are available in platinum matched sets. Our platinum matching process consists of a 24 hour tube burn-in period followed by a bias (plate) current measurement in milliamps. Please specify matched tube grouping (ie. pair, quad, sextet, etc.) when ordering (no odd-quantity groups, please)

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