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Solid Steel's 6.2
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Solid Steel's 6.2

Racks and Stands by Solid Steel

Manufacturer's Description:

Four-legs tables, steel frame with additional intrastructural reinforcements, anti-resonant finish. Two/Three (6.2/6.3) 30 mm / 1.2 inch thick MDF shelves in matte finish. Each shelf supported on special duraluminium cones plus decoupling screws. For electronics and turntables.

Solidsteel 6-Series audio racks are the ultimate support for the most serious audiophile systems. Especially recommended for high-end analog set-ups, the 6-Series racks will allow your components to perform at their best. Each 6-Series rack features a 6-point isolation system for every shelf; both Duraluminum cones and adjustable decoupling spikes are utilized for maximum vibration control and perfect leveling. Each rack features wider and deeper dimensions to accommodate even the largest components with Solidsteel’s largest damped tubular columns and their most rigid welded frame to support its thick 1.2” matte finished, non-resonant shelving. While sparing no expense in the pursuit of sonic excellence, 6-Series racks are still considered quite affordable for their level of effectiveness. Used by audiophiles, reviewers and many of our own staff, the 6-Series racks are to be considered audio components in their own right; equally as important as the electronics placed upon its shelves. Upper shelves hold components measuring up to 19” x 19” x 7.5”; the bottom shelf handles components up to 11.5” tall, providing adequate ventilation for even the largest amplifiers.


Overall dimensions - 23"x20"x21"
Shelf dimensions - (top) 23"x21" (other) 20"x20"
Space between shelves (top to bottom) - 12"

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