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5 ft  Tesla T2 Black with mpc and  US wall plug
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5 ft Tesla T2 Black with mpc and US wall plug

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Overstock Sale on Synergistic Research Tesla Series Power Cords

(3) 5 ft  Tesla T2 Black with mpc and US wall plug msrp  $650; special price $449

The Synergistic Research Tesla Series power cords are among the best-selling, most technologically advanced, and highly reviewed  power cords in the industry.  For the first time we can make in-stock, brand new Tesla Series power cords available at very special prices.  

This special is limited to the below stock list only, but we made certain that there are some of every model and most of the popular lengths available. These are brand new in the box and come with the full Synergistic Research Passport Upgrade program, as well as with brand new Mini Power Couplers ("MPC") to power the Active Shielding (excepting the non-active Tesla T1 cords).  

If you have been considering stepping up to the Tesla series power cords, the time has never been better!

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