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Kimber Kable's 4AG/8AG Biwire (Pair)
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Kimber Kable's 4AG/8AG Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Kimber Kable

Manufacturer's Description:

4AG:  Four positive and four negative VariStrand, Hyper-pure silver conductors make up this heavenly cable.  The aggregate wire size is two 14 awg conductors.  The insulating  dielectric is pressure-extruded, virgin Teflon.  The listener will experience an expansive depth of image, with resolution of the most minute details appearing from an absolutely silent background.  Images remain tightly focused in their respective individual places.  4AG is what musical dreams are made of.

8AG:  8AG uses twice the number of VariStrand, Hyper-pure silver conductors as 4AG for an aggregate wire size of two 10 awg conductors.  The insulating dieltectric is pressure-extruded, clear virgin Teflon.  The power, dynamics and timbral realism, at all frequencies, is breathtaking.  8AG uncovers the true essence of music.

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