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Marigo Lab's  Evolution Standard CD Mat
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Marigo Lab's Evolution Standard CD Mat

CD Accessories by Marigo Lab

Manufacturer's Description:

Marigo Labs 3-D Mat, v2
(CD & DVD)

These new mats are the same thickness as the previous 3-D mats. Materials though are significantly upgraded for greatly improved performance

The new Marigo 3-D Stabilizer Mat is designed to get the most from your SACD, DVD-A, DVD-V, and CD discs by addressing issues centered around vibration, stray magnetism, static, and optical diffraction. They are absolutely flat and are designed to stay that way for life! The 3-D Stabilizer MAT utilizes revolutionary new technology; employing a Carbon Fiber and Kevlar composite with Embedded Ultra-fine Silver Wire for stray field suppression. Plus an Anti-Static Black Coating on the underside and optically absorbent Green on top which synergistically creates a new level of performance for both audio and video digital replay. What do you hear? Depth and dimension like you’ve never experienced. The Mat gives your music a great sense of space, extension, and detail but with liquid smoothness. Your DVD videos will have a newfound sense of clarity and realism. The Standard v2 3-D Stabilizing mat will make a dramatic improvement to your music and video.

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