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Purist Audio Design's 25th Anniversary Biwire (Pair)
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Purist Audio Design's 25th Anniversary Biwire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer's Description:

The 25th Anniversary line of Speaker Cables are available in a standard speaker cable and a true bi-wire! The speaker cables come in a four (4) cable set. There is a positive (+) cable and a negative (-) cable in each channel.

The 25th Anniversary Speaker Cables come standard with our custom 8mm spades that have a longer prong to better fit on binding posts. Straight Bananas, WBT Spades, and WBT Bananas are also available. If your system demands a custom configuration, please contact us. We're able to custom-build to fit your needs!

To determine the right and left channels; the cable with black shrink on the connectors is left, and the cable with red shrink on the connectors is right. To denote a center-channel cable, the shrink on the connectors is violet.

All 25th Anniversary cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Technical Specifications
Design Goals: High performance to cost ratio
Dampening Material:  
Gauge (effective):  
Current Capacity (DC): 20 A @ 105°C
Resistance: 15.3 mΩ/m (conductor)
Estimated Break-In Time: 150 Hours
Cable Diameter: Speaker: 3/4 " OD (One Channel)
Bi-Wire: 7/8" OD (One Channel)
Material Treatment: Triple (3x) Cryomag©

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