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Black Noise Mains Filters

The AC power source is polluted by harmonics, spikes and noises of various nature. Systems And Magic's BlackNoise filters are designed from the ground up to clean up noise and protect high performance audio and video systems. They are made in Italy with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Nuforce is proud to be the USA distributor for such an esteem line of products. Systems And Magic is an Italian company specializing in AC noise filtering and surge protection.

You will notice the following effects after BlackNoise has been introduced into the audio system:

1. Deeper infra-instrumental silence. Background noise cut-off. Black background gets deeper and releases new details, more perceptible at low listening levels or in the pianissimo.
2. Larger amount of informations and of the related harmonics that turns into a better instrument localization with their individual soundstage positions. More “air” around the instruments themselves with improved tri-dimensional effect and higher stereo separation.
3. Recording details come to higher evidence; for instance in the piano abbellimenti it is easier to make out where the stress is placed in the acciaccature. The different sections of a large orchestra are easier to make out even in the most dynamic passages.
4. The virtual soundstage gets wider, deploying instruments and artists along a deeper perspective.
5. Macro e micro dynamics are widened thanks to the reduction of the overall “veil”, to the stronger control and the reduction of distortions imposed over the device power supply through the mains line.
6. Frequency bands are widened, with a deeper but also more controlled bass range. High frequencies are clearer and hiking but correct, with a more natural hissing words reproduction and a more tactile presence of small instruments.

Common to all these power distributors and AC filters is the integrated protection against voltage spikes, disruptive pulses and surge events from 250V~ and up with an activation delay of less than 25ns.

Protection operates not only between live and neutral, but between neutral/ground and live/ground as well, and is capable of absorbing up to 25.000 (twenty-five thousand) Ampere overall for pulse events that last between 8 and 20μs or 640 Ampere for a time up to 2ms.*

Other applications besides audio system:

BlackNoise units can be connected to: DVD players, TV sets, Video projectors, multi-channel setups, Personal Computers, Monitors, LCD or Plasma panels, Mixers and any other consumer or pro audio-video item requiring a high protection against pulses, current peaks and power supply network harmonics. Depending on mains line network conditions, the use of BlackNoise can bring benefits like a deeper contrast and saturation of colors along with a better clearness of the white to TV sets, monitors, projectors (and Video setups in the broader sense). A full elimination or attenuation of snow, flickering and a better detail resolution are common outcomes as well.

Other notable features:

* Extreme and 2500 models - Fully passive mains filter, split in four progressive filtering cells on neutral and live conductors. Two progressive filtering cells on the ground line as well.
* A thermal resettable switch instead of the more common fuse is employed, capable of handling the extremely high current peaks at switch-on time generated by downstream devices (e.g. power amps) but still capable of protecting the filter from continuous loads exceeding its rated current. When the thermal protection is in operation, the blue Led turns off.
* All capacitors are double metalized polypropylene “self-healing” kind (able to restore themselves in case the dielectric gets pierced due to overvoltage)
* Inductors are toroid-shaped or woven around ferro-magnetic, syntherized cores, high stability and high Watt handling resistances, Teflon-made insulating shields.
* Components are soldered on a vetronite motherboard, bearing 70μ copper tracks, further thinned and area equivalent to a 2.5 square mm solid-core wire.
* The whole circuitry is fully packed into epossidic resin with outstanding characteristics of thermal stability and mechanical strenght. Such resin packing procedure makes BlackNoise insensitive to external vibrations and cuts the inner-generated off, making it perfectly silent.
* Mono-block, extruded anti-corodal anodized aluminum case 4mm thick on all sides, no assembly screws, milled with digitally controlled machines. The case is shielded so to limit external EMI and RFI fields and minimize internal ones.

The natural use of the 2500 is with high-power amps where, without absolutely showing  any kind of dynamic compression, is able to excert a very effective protection and elimination of mains noises and harmonics. Another very good field of application for the 2500 (alike its smaller sibling, the 1000) is with electrostatic speakers.


    *Full power over 110V at 1100W (10A)
    *Mains harmonics roll-off: -3db at 1.4Khz, -6db at 6.6kHz, -23db at 10kHz, -44db at 20kHz, -86db at 100kHz, -150db at 1MHz, -100db at 100MHz+
    *Dimensions (W x L x D): 4 x 1.6 x 12.8, ~7.7 pounds

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