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20mm Capacitor Chip (Single)
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20mm Capacitor Chip (Single)

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(for large capacitors)

WA-Quantum Chips

The easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your Music and A/V Systems.

Improves the performance of all audio and video systems

Easy to apply, remove, reuse

Permanent benefits for a small investment

Application-specific programmed chips 

30 Day money back guarantee

High tech company, WA-Quantum, from Berlin, Germany,  has introduced "bio-energetic chips" for the audio/video market. These chips are in fact small pieces of a synthetic material, encased in what outwardly appears to be an adhesive-backed "sticker" that can be fixed to audio components and cables. According to the manufacturer, the chip influences the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission on a subatomic level in accordance with the principles of quantum physics.

The chips come in multiple types for specific applications. Not only do the types differ in size and price; each is specifically programmed with a certain application in mind. Specific chips for fuses, capacitors, transformers, tone arms and cartridges, cables, loudspeakers and even musical instruments are available. Even just a single or small number of chips will be sufficient to raise the performance of any audio and video system to a higher level, and the manufacturer offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so that you can prove it to yourself!

Many users have tested the chips and continuously express their amazement and enthusiasm. To summarize the feedback we have received, as well as the results of our own in-house listening tests:  applying the chips yields a more relaxed and natural sound. A very striking feature is that musical lines can be heard with improved separation, allowing for a deeper insight into the music. Individual instruments and voices have better definition. Unnatural hardness and electronic artifacts are reduced. Also, imaging is considerably improved ; voices and musical instruments are positioned in the soundstage with better focus. Dynamics are also improved. All of this leads to a more involving presentation.

In short, a music system upgraded with WA-Quantum Chips will sound more like real music, and less like electronics. This statement may seem a platitude, but it is exactly what happens. We do not know of any system upgrade for audio and video systems with a better price/performance ratio.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

The WA-Quantum Chips come with a 30 day money back guarantee for end-users. A full refund of the actual purchase price will occur only if the Chips are returned to the dealer without any damage. The backing sheet that covers the adhesive should be in place when returned, even if the Chip has been removed and adhered to a product using the adhesive for testing. 

Note: You can give the Chips a first try by placing them on a component with the backing sheet still in place. 

Chips that have been cut or otherwise opened up to expose the interior treated material are explicitly excluded from this Guarantee.

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