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151 Power DAC Mini
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151 Power DAC Mini

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Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. Because these are already the lowest prices possible,  the additional incentives usually available under  "Frequent Flyer" program do not apply to this item.

Manufacturer's Description:

Available in black only

To complement the hugely successful 170iTransport, Wadia has developed new technologies that enable us to once again bring simplicity and elegance to a new and dramatically more affordable Wadia decoding product – the Wadia 151PowerDAC mini. The Wadia 151 takes all of the conceptual purity of the original Reference PowerDAC™ and reduces these elements to their most cost effective form.

The Wadia 151PowerDAC mini is a high performance DAC and surprisingly powerful amp combined into the series 1 chassis. The 151PowerDAC mini measures 2”x 8”x 8” (H x W x D) which is the same size as the 170iTransport; making it an ideal audio solution for modern living and work spaces. You can use an existing CD/DVD player with a digital coax or Toslink output, your computer with USB or perhaps the Wadia 170iTransport. Add a pair of your favorite speakers to the 151PowerDAC mini for a complete music system.

The Wadia 151PowerDAC is a high performance DAC with gain, which provides four selectable digital audio inputs (one USB, one TOSLINK, and two coax S/PDIF). Power output is conservatively rated at 25 WPC into 8 Ohms and 50 WPC in 4 Ohms.

The PowerDAC mini uses the proprietary Wadia DigiMaster reconstruction filters just like Wadia’s original, Reference PowerDAC. The 151 uses spline interpolation to raise digital audio data rates to 384kHz for high performance conversion.

The 151 will include a metal remote that can also control the 170iTransport.

The only thing that is small about the 151PowerDAC mini’s is its size.

The 151PowerDAC mini is available in Black and Silver finishes.

Available March 2010.

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