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This is The Cable Company master listing for used audio components.

Shopping for used speakers, used amp or used preamps? Interested in analog and thinking of investing in a good used turntable?

Our used product listings contain everything from power conditioners to phono cartridges. And all come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (if not happy with your purchase, you can return for store credit).

Our pricing is already excellent, and on the first of each month all listings are reduced by another 5%!

So whether you are interested in a used CD player, a second hand pre amp, or an entire system right down to used loudspeakers, keep your eye on our listing of certified pre-owned components.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Used Headphone SE-846 Sound Isolating Earphones$620.00
Used Accessories Transporter Ultra- 120v Version$1,127.89
Used AmpAlpha Design Labs (Used)Stride$89.10
Used HeadphoneAudeze (Used)LCD-2 Phaser Headphones "Bamboo"$549.00
Used AccessoriesAudioPrism (Used)Ground Control Reference RCA (Single)$49.70
Used SpeakersEpos (Used)Akti-Mate Mini (Pair)$231.50
Used FootersGolden Sound (Used)Super DH Cones (Set of 3)$85.00
Used FootersHarmonix (Used)TU-210ZX Gold Tuning Feet (Set of 4)$450.35
Used HeadphoneHifiMan (Used)HE-560 Headphones$502.25
Used HeadphoneMaster & Dynamics (Used)ME03 Earphones$83.10
Used HeadphoneMaster & Dynamics (Used)MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones$277.10
Used DigitalPS Audio (Used)NuWave DSD DAC$727.95
Used A/C Line ConditionersPS Audio (Used)P-10 AC Regenerating Line Conditioner$2,482.25
Used AccessoriesPurist Audio Design (Used)Y adapter (M) RCA to 2 (F) RCA$57.50
Used AccessoriesREL Acoustics (Used)Arrow Wireless Transmitter$119.15
Used SpeakersREL Acoustics (Used)S3 SHO Subwoofer (Piano Black)$1,259.50
Used SpeakersREL Acoustics (Used)T Zero$342.10
Used SpeakersREL Acoustics (Used)T3 Subwoofer (Black)$341.00
Used AmpRogue Audio (Used)Atlas Magnum$1,095.00
Used A/C Line ConditionersShunyata Research (Used)Hydra Cyclops v1 $1,027.10
Used HeadphoneShure (Used)SE-846 Headphones$620.00
Used FootersSolid Tech (Used)Feet of Silence (Set of 4)$231.50
Used FootersSynergistic Research (Used)MiG (Set of 3)$80.65
Used A/C Line ConditionersSynergistic Research (Used)Powercell 6$975.85
Used AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)Transporter Ultra- 230v Version$1,071.50
Used AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)Universal Speaker Cells with 6 inch banana to banana "tails". $1,079.45
Used AmpT+A Elektroakustik (Used)A 1530 Amplifier$3,536.75

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