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This is The Cable Company master listing of all USB cable types. These specially designed digital cables are used to connect your computer to your audio system. Like other digital audio cables, USB audio cables carry a bitstream of digital data. 

This cable type could also be considered a USB power cable as it is carrying electrical power from the computer as well as digital data. It is a two way connection because the devices being connected need to sync their "clocks."  These multifunctions make this a fairly complex cable design to do right, and the best USB cables can dramatically improve the quality of the sound at the audible end of the chain.

USB cables should generally be kept short in length: 3m/10ft maximum. For longer requirements other digital cable types can serve as USB extension cables. Contact us for information in this regard.

To help you choose the best USB cable for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best cables to match your system.

Click these links to learn more about the Cable Library try-at-home service, or to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

In the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at the Audioquest or Wireworld USB cables.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other digital cable types such as digital coaxial cables and Toslink optical . Or you can look at analog interconnects and speaker cables. You can also choose other audio categories such as audiophile components or power conditioners.


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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
USB CableAcoustic ReviveUSB-PL (A to B)$495.00
USB CableAcoustic ReviveUSB-SPS $750.00
USB CableAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Formula 2 USB$46.00
USB CableAnalysis PlusBlack USB $33.30
USB CableAnalysis PlusPurple Plus USB$79.00
USB CableAudienceAU 24 SE USB Dual End$840.00
USB CableAudienceAU 24 SE USB Standard$810.00
USB CableAudience (Specials)2.4ft/0.75m AU24 SE USB Standard$575.00
USB CableAudience (Specials)3ft/1m AU 24 SE Plus USB Standard$585.00
USB CableAudience (Specials)4ft/1.2m AU24 SE Plus USB Standard$595.00
USB CableAudience (Specials)5ft/1.5m AU24 SE USB Standard$689.00
USB CableAudioquestCarbon Lightning$139.00
USB CableAudioquestCarbon USB$129.00
USB CableAudioquestCinnamon Lightning$69.00
USB CableAudioquestCinnamon USB$65.00
USB CableAudioquestCoffee USB$279.00
USB CableAudioquestDiamond Lightning$549.00
USB CableAudioquestDiamond USB$549.00
USB CableAudioquestDiamond USB 3.0$549.00
USB CableAudioquestForest Lightning$39.00
USB CableAudioquestForest USB$35.00
USB CableAudioquestForest USB 3.0$35.00
USB CableAudioquestPearl USB$25.00
USB CableAural SymphonicsDigital Standard xxv USB$155.00
USB CableBlack Cat CableDigit USB$660.00
USB CableCardas AudioClear High Speed Serial Buss (USB 2.0)$400.00
USB CableCardas AudioClear Serial BUSS USB$152.00
USB CableChord CompanyC-USB$80.00
USB CableChord CompanySarum Super ARAY USB $2,075.00
USB CableChord CompanySignature USB$640.00
USB CableCrystal CableCrystal USB Absolute Dream$9,000.00
USB CableCrystal CableCrystal USB Diamond$900.00
USB CableCrystal CableCrystal USB Dreamline Plus$4,000.00
USB CableDanaCableClassic USB$895.00
USB CableDH Labs Silver SonicMirage USB$200.00
USB CableDH Labs Silver SonicSilverSonic USB$60.00
USB CableDynamique AudioFirelight 2 USB$365.00
USB CableDynamique AudioMagellen 2 USB$695.00
USB CableDynamique AudioReflex 2 USB$85.00
USB CableFurutechGT-2 Pro USB$204.00
USB CableFurutechGT2 USB$121.00
USB CableGutWireUSBe-1$299.00
USB CableHarmonic TechnologySingle Crystal Copper USB$80.00
USB CableHarmonic TechnologySingle Crystal Silver USB$150.00
USB CableHarmonic TechnologyUSB 2.0 (USB A-B)$75.00
USB CableJPS LabsSuperconductor V USB$849.00
USB CableKimber KableAxios USB Cable$710.00
USB CableKimber KableKS-2416-CU USB$432.50
USB CableKimber KableKS-2426-HB USB$582.50
USB CableKimber KableKS-2436-AG USB$820.00
USB CableKimber KableSilver USB$100.00
USB CableKimber KableUSB Cu$50.00
USB CableLight HarmonicLightspeed USB$999.00
USB CableM2TechhiFace Evo USB to S/PDIF Bridge Adaptor$524.00
USB CableM2TechhiFace II USB to S/PDIF Thumb Drive$219.00
USB CableM2TechhiFace USB to S/PDIF Thumb Drive$199.00
USB CableOyaideContinental 5s USB$325.00
USB CablePranaWirePhoton USB$995.00
USB CablePurist Audio Design30th Anniversary USB$1,500.00
USB CablePurist Audio DesignUltimate USB$900.00
USB CablePurist Audio DesignUSB Cable$260.00
USB CableShunyata ResearchVenom USB$150.00
USB CableSiltech Cables45USB$450.00
USB CableSiltech CablesClassic Anniversary USB$900.00
USB CableSiltech CablesGolden Universal Crown$6,750.00
USB CableSiltech CablesGolden Universal II USB$2,395.00
USB CableStealth AudioUSB$850.00
USB CableStealth AudioUSB-T $1,250.00
USB CableStealth AudioUSB-T Select$1,650.00
USB CableStraight WireUSBF-Link$150.00
USB CableStraight WireUSB-Link$42.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchCore Digital USB Active$345.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE USB$1,995.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchGalileo UEF USB$2,995.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchUSB 3.0 Active SE$595.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchUSB Active SE$595.00
USB CableTelos Audio DesignGold Reference USB$280.00
USB CableVan den HulUSB Ultimate$449.00
USB CableVooDoo CableMagic Bus USB 2.0$150.00
USB CableVooDoo CableReference USB 2.0$325.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyChroma 2.0 (USB A to B)$26.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyChroma 2.0 (USB A to Mini B)$27.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 2.0 (USB A to B)$500.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 2.0 (USB A to Mini B)$550.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Starlight 7 2.0 (USB A to B)$265.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Starlight 7 2.0 (USB A to Mini B)$275.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 2.0 (USB A to B)$85.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 2.0 (USB A to Mini B)$90.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight USB3 (USB 3.0A to B)$150.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight USB3 (USB 3.0A to Micro B)$105.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet 7 2.0 (USB A to B)$43.00
USB CableWireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet 7 2.0 (USB A to Mini B)$45.00
USB CableWyWiresPlatinum USB$999.00
USB CableWyWiresSilver USB$499.00
USB CableXLOUltra Plus 4U USB$160.00

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