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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
RCAAcoustic ReviveRUR-1 RCA Plug (Pair)$460.00
RCAAnalysis PlusLocking RCA (Single)$20.90
RCAAnalysis PlusPremium Non-Locking Solder Style RCA (Single)$13.90
RCAAudioquestRCA-300 (Set of 4)$20.00
RCAAudioquestRCA-800 (Set of 4)$60.00
RCACardas AudioCTFA Female RCA (Single)$10.00
RCACardas AudioGRCM 6mm Male RCA (Single)$16.00
RCACardas AudioGRCM Male RCA (Single)$16.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA DBL PRT G Female RCA (Single)$24.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA L Thin Female RCA (Single)$20.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA PRT Female RCA (Single)$22.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA PS2 Female RCA (Single)$14.14
RCACardas AudioGRFA PSA Female RCA (Single)$22.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA PSR2 M Female RCA (Single)$22.00
RCACardas AudioGRFA S Female RCA (Single)$16.00
RCACardas AudioGRMO Male RCA (Single)$24.00
RCACardas AudioGRNO Male RCA (Single)$30.00
RCACardas AudioSLVR SS Male RCA (Single)$20.00
RCACardas AudioXRCA 11 Male RCA (Single)$4.40
RCACardas AudioXRCA 13 Male RCA (Single)$4.40
RCADH Labs Silver SonicCM-R1 RCA Socket (Pair)$50.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-2C (Pair)$24.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-600 (Pair)$13.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-650 (Pair)$13.00
RCAFurutechCF-102 R RCA (Set of 2)$171.00
RCAFurutechCF-126 R RCA (Set of 2)$140.00
RCAFurutechFP-101(G) RCA (Set of 4)$155.00
RCAFurutechFP-104 (G) RCA (Set of 4)$96.00
RCAFurutechFP-106(R) RCA (Set of 4)$184.00
RCAFurutechFP-108 R RCA (Set of 4)$181.00
RCAFurutechFP-110(G) RCA (Set of 4)$139.00
RCAFurutechFP-120F(R) RCA (Set of 4)$175.00
RCAFurutechFP-126 RCA (Set of 4)$60.00
RCAFurutechFP-160 (G) RCA (Set of 4)$98.00
RCAFurutechFP-162 (G) RCA (Set of 4)$40.00
RCAFurutechFP-908 RCA Terminal Socket (Set of 2)$122.00
RCAFurutechFT-111 RCA (Set of 4)$114.00
RCAOyaideSLSC RCA (Set of 4)$210.00
RCAVampire Wire LRCA7 RCA (Set of 2)$33.00
RCAVampire Wire557 RCA (Set of 2)$15.95
RCAVampire Wire582 RCA (Set of 2)$15.95
RCAVampire Wire800/CB RCA (Set of 2)$75.00
RCAVampire Wire807 RCA (Set of 2)$31.00
RCAVampire Wire808 RCA (Set of 2)$31.00
RCAVampire WireC4X RCA (Set of 2)$22.50
RCAVampire WireC5X RCA (Set of 2)$22.50
RCAVampire WireC5X/CB RCA (Set of 2)$44.00
RCAVampire WireC7X RCA (Set of 2)$16.17
RCAVampire WireC7X/CB RCA (Set of 2)$44.00
RCAVampire WireC9X RCA (Set of 2)$19.03
RCAVampire WireC9X/CB RCA (Set of 2)$54.95
RCAVampire WireCM1F Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$19.80
RCAVampire WireCM1F/CB Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$44.00
RCAVampire WireCM2F Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$24.75
RCAVampire WireCM2F/CB Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$53.90
RCAVampire WireCM7F Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$14.95
RCAVampire WireCM7F/B Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$12.65
RCAVampire WireCMHEX Chassis Mount RCA Female (Set of 2)$19.80
RCAVampire WireLRCA8 RCA (Set of 2)$33.00
RCAVampire WirePC2V PCB Mount Connector (Single)$3.85
RCAVampire WirePCB2F/A PCB Mount Connector (Set of 2)$26.95
RCAVampire WirePCB2F/AX2 PCB Mount Connector (Single)$26.95
RCAVampire WirePCB2F/S PCB Mount Connector (Set of 2)$26.95
RCAWBTWBT-0102 AG RCA (Single)$109.00
RCAWBTWBT-0102 AG-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$436.00
RCAWBTWBT-0102 Cu RCA (Single)$75.00
RCAWBTWBT-0102 Cu-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$300.00
RCAWBTWBT-0110 Ag RCA (Single)$97.00
RCAWBTWBT-0110 Ag-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$388.00
RCAWBTWBT-0110 Cu Topline RCA (Single)$62.00
RCAWBTWBT-0110 Cu-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$248.00
RCAWBTWBT-0114AG (Single)$69.00
RCAWBTWBT-0114Cu (Single)$44.00
RCAWBTWBT-0152 Ag Nextgen Signature Hybrid RCA (Single)$109.00
RCAWBTWBT-0152 Ag-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$436.00
RCAWBTWBT-0152 CU Nextgen Topline Hybrid (Single)$75.00
RCAWBTWBT-0152 CU-KIT RCA (Set of 4)$300.00
RCAWBTWBT-0201 Topline RCA Socket (Single)$58.00
RCAWBTWBT-0201-Kit RCA Socket (Set of 2)$116.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 AG- KIT RCA Socket (Set of 2)$202.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 AG MS RCA Socket (Single)$101.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 AG RCA Socket (Single)$101.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 AG-MS KIT RCA Socket (Set of 2)$202.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 CU MS RCA Socket (Single)$51.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 CU MS-KIT RCA Socket (Set of 2)$102.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 CU RCA Socket (Single)$51.00
RCAWBTWBT-0210 CU-KIT RCA Socket (Set of 2)$102.00
RCAWBTWBT-0244 Midline PCB Mount (Single)$61.00
RCAXhadowReference RCA/LG Connector (Set of 2)$99.75
RCAXhadowReference RCA/SM Connector (Set of 2)$89.25

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