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This is The Cable Company master listing of all Headphone & Accessories. 

Are you interested in the best planar magnetic designs such as the Abyss, Audeze headphones, or the HiFiMan headphones?  Or maybe set of detailed and transparent beyerdynamic or Sennheiser headphones. If you are on the move you should pay special attention to the more portable Ultrasone and Grado headphones. For maximum isolation the closed back designs from Fostex are unsurpassed. 

There is no better way to determine a headphone's performance, system compatibility, and long term comfort, than with an extended in-home audition. Any and all of these top brands are available for in-home audition through our Hi-End Headphone Library.

And for those models with detachable cables, we also can help you to test a variety of upgrade cables which can take your listening experience to the next level.

Headphone Amplifiers are also important:

What if you don't have an amp worthy of these high performance headphones? Not to worry. We have also assembled the best of high performance Cavalli, Luxman, Alpha Design Labs (Furutech), HiFiMan and Burson headphone amplifiers, all available for you to try at home. 

To help you choose the right headphones, accessories, amps, and upgrade headphone cables we invite you to request a Consultation from one of our experts.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
HeadphonesAbyssAB-1266 Lite Headphones$4,495.00
HeadphonesAbyssAB-1266 Phi Deluxe Headphones$5,495.00
HeadphonesAbyssDiana Headphones$2,995.00
Headphone CablesAbyssSuperconductor HP Cable$2,200.00
Headphone AmpsAlo AudioPhono Stage Amplifier$1,849.00
Headphone CablesAlo AudioReference 8- IEM Headphone Cable$299.00
Headphone CablesAlo AudioSXC 8 Headphone Cable$349.00
Headphone CablesAlo AudioTinsel Wire Headphone Cable$149.50
Headphone AmpsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)A-1 Portable Headphone Amp$498.00
Headphone AmpsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Cruise Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC$380.00
HeadphonesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)EH008 Earphones$218.00
HeadphonesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)H118 Headphones$242.00
HeadphonesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)H128 Headphone$398.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35 II Headphone Cable$82.00
Headphone AccessoriesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-3563 Extension Adaptor Cable$68.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35B Headphone Cable $85.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35H Headphone Cable$207.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35Hx Headphone Cable$239.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35H-XLR Headphone Cable$265.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35Hx-XLR Headphone Cable$431.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35M Headphone Cable$109.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35ML Headphone Cable$161.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35ML-XLR Headphone Cable$190.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35S HD25 Headphone Cable$78.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35S Headphone Cable$150.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35S-XLR Headphone Cable$207.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-35X II Headphone Cable$82.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-4F3 Headphone Adaptor Cable$88.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-4M3 Headphone Adaptor$88.00
Headphone CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iHP-6335 Extension Adaptor Cable$65.00
Headphone AmpsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Stride Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC$265.00
Headphone CablesAudezeADZ-6 Cable$80.00
Headphone AmpsAudezeDeckard DAC/Headphone Amplifier$699.00
HeadphonesAudezeEL-8 Closed-Back Headphones$699.00
HeadphonesAudezeEL-8 Open-Back Headphones$699.00
HeadphonesAudezeEL-8 Titanium$799.00
HeadphonesAudezeiSine 10 Headphones$349.00
HeadphonesAudezeiSine 20 Headphones$549.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCD-2 Headphones$995.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCD-3 Headphones$1,945.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCD-4 Headphones$3,995.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCDi4 In-Ear Headphones$2,495.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCD-X Headphones$1,199.00
HeadphonesAudezeLCD-XC Headphones$1,799.00
Headphone AccessoriesAudezeLeather Earpads for LCD-2/LCD-3$80.00
Headphone AmpsAudezeThe King$3,995.00
HeadphonesAudioflyAF100 In-Ear Monitor$89.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF120 In-Ear Monitor$199.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF140 In-Ear Headphones$299.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF160 In-Ear Monitor$399.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF240 Over-Ear Headphones$249.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF56 In-Ear Headphones$99.99
HeadphonesAudioflyAF78 In-Ear Headphones$89.99
HeadphonesAudioquestNightHawk Carbon$699.00
HeadphonesAudioquestNightOwl Carbon$699.00
Headphone AmpsAuralicTaurus II Headphone Amp$1,499.00
Headphone AmpsAyon AudioHA-3 Headphone Amplifier$3,594.00
Headphone AmpsBellariHA-540 Headphone Amp$299.00
HeadphonesCardas Audio5813 Model 1 Ear Speaker$425.00
HeadphonesCardas AudioA8 Ear Speaker$249.00
HeadphonesCardas AudioA8 Ear Speaker - 30th Anniversary Edition$349.00
Headphone CablesCardas AudioClear Headphone Cable$550.00
Headphone CablesCardas AudioClear Light Headphone Cable$322.00
Headphone CablesCardas AudioCross Headphone Cable $160.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioHeadphone Interconnect$20.00
Headphone AccessoriesCardas AudioHPSC Headphone Connector (Pair)$16.00
Headphone AmpsChord ElectronicsChord Mojo Connection Guide$529.00
Headphone AmpsChord ElectronicsChordette 2Qute USB DAC$1,349.00
Headphone AmpsChord ElectronicsHugo 2 Headphone Amp/DAC$2,379.00
Headphone AmpsChord ElectronicsHugo TT DAC/Headphone Amp$3,995.00
Headphone AmpsChord ElectronicsMojo Portable Headphone Amp/DAC$529.00
Headphone AmpsCreekOBH-21 Mk II Headphone Pre-Amp$595.00
Headphone CablesDanaCableHeadphone Cable$650.00
Headphone CablesDH Labs Silver SonicHP-1 Headphone Cable$300.00
Headphone CablesDynamique AudioHalo 2 Headphone Cable$595.00
Headphone CablesDynamique AudioHorizon 2 Extension Headphone Cable$135.00
Headphone CablesDynamique AudioHorizon 2 Headphone Cable$215.00
Headphone AmpsENIGMAcousticsAthena A1 Headphone Amp$1,490.00
HeadphonesENIGMAcousticsDharma D1000 Headphones$1,190.00
Headphone Accessoriesfo.QSW-01 Phone Art Sound Improvement Seal$35.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneClear Headphones$1,499.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneElear Headphones$999.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneListen Headphones$249.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneSpirit Classic Headphones$399.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneSpirit One S Headphones$249.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneSpirit Pro Headphones$349.00
HeadphonesFocal HeadphoneUtopia Headphones$3,999.00
Headphone AmpsFosgateSignature Headphone Amp$1,500.00
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-A4 Headphone Amp$349.99
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-A4BL 24bit DAC headphone Amp w/Balanced Output$999.99
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-A8C Headphone Amp/DAC$999.99
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-P1 Headphone Amp/DAC$469.99
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-V1 Headphone Amp$499.99
Headphone CablesFostexOptional Balanced Cable for TH-900mk2, TH-610$299.00
Headphone CablesFostexOptional Unbalanced Cable for TH-900mk2$279.99
HeadphonesFostexT20RPMK2 Headphones$139.99
HeadphonesFostexT40RPMK2 Headphones$139.99
HeadphonesFostexTH-500RP Headphones$699.99
HeadphonesFostexTH600 Headphones$999.99
HeadphonesFostexTH-610 Premium 1 Tesla Stereo Headphone$599.99
HeadphonesFostexTH900 Headphones$1,299.99
HeadphonesFostexTH-900mk2 Ultar-Premium 1.5 Tesla Stereo Headphone$1,499.99
Headphone AmpsFurman SoundHA-6B Headphone Amplifier$445.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechCF-763 R 1/4" Stereo Plug$62.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechCF-H800 R Headphone Connector for Sennheiser HD800 (Set of 2)$125.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechF35 (G) Headphone Adaptor (6.3 Stereo-3.5 Stereo)$25.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechF63-S (G) Headphone Plug Adaptor (3.5 Stereo to 6.3 Stereo)$25.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechFT-2PS R Connector for Sennheiser $46.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechFT-610mF (R) Mini 4 Pin XLR Female Connector$23.00
Headphone AccessoriesFurutechFT-H800 R Headphone Connector for Sennheiser HD800 (Set of 2)$99.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsExtension Cable$39.95
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsG-CUSH Headphone Replacement Ear Cushion$45.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsGR10e Earbuds$399.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsGR-8e Earbuds$299.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsGS1000e - Statement Series Headphones$995.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsGS2000e Statement Series Headphone$1,395.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsI-CUSH Headphone Replacement Ear Cushion$4.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsiGe Earbuds$99.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsL-CUSH Headphone Replacement Ear Cushion$20.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsMini Adapter Cable$14.95
HeadphonesGrado LabsPS1000e - Professional Series Headphones$1,695.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsPS2000e Headphones$2,695.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsPS500e -Professional Series Headphones$595.00
Headphone AmpsGrado LabsRA-1 A/C Headphone Amplifier$425.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsReplacement Eartips for GR8/10$25.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsRS 1e - Reference Series Headphones$695.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsRS 2e - Reference Series Headphones$495.00
Headphone AccessoriesGrado LabsS-CUSH Headphone Replacement Ear Cushion$10.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsSR125e - Prestige Series Headphones$150.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsSR225e - Prestige Series Headphones$200.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsSR325e - Prestige Series Headphones$295.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsSR60e - Prestige Series Headphones$79.00
HeadphonesGrado LabsSR80e - Prestige Series Headphones$99.00
HeadphonesHiFiManEdition S Black$149.00
HeadphonesHiFiManEdition S White$149.00
HeadphonesHiFiManEdition X V2 Headphones$1,299.00
Headphone AmpsHiFiManEF-6 Headphone Amplifier$1,599.00
HeadphonesHiFiManES100 Earbuds$69.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-1000 V2 Headphones$2,999.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-400i Headphones$249.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-400S Headphones$299.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-700 Portable Music Player 16GB$119.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-700 Portable Music Player 32GB$249.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-802s Portable Music Player$749.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-901S Portable Music Player$1,499.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE2000 In-Ear Headphones$2,000.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE-400 Earphones$79.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE-600s V2 Earphones$129.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE800 In-Ear Headphones$699.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManSuperMini High-Res Portable Player$399.00
HeadphonesHiFiManSusvara Headphones$6,000.00
Headphone CablesJena LabsAudeze HP-822 Headphone Cable$750.00
Headphone AmpsJolidaFX Headphone Amp$499.00
Headphone CablesJPS LabsSuperconductor HP Cable$2,200.00
Headphone CablesKimber KableAxios Headphone Cable$698.00
Headphone AmpsLehmann AudioLinear SE Headphone Amp$2,199.00
Headphone AmpsLehmann AudioLinear USB Headphone Amp$1,399.00
Headphone AmpsLehmann AudioRhinelander Headphone Amp$529.00
Headphone AmpsLehmann AudioStudioCube$499.00
Headphone AmpsLehmann AudioTraveller$599.00
Headphone AmpsM2TechMarley Headphone Amp$1,699.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsME01 Earphones$129.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsME03 Earphones$159.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsME05 Earphones$199.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsMH30 Foldable On Ear Headphones$299.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsMH40 Over Ear Headphones$399.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsMW50 Headphones$449.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsMW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones$549.00
HeadphonesMaster & DynamicsMW60 Zero Halliburton Kit$850.00
HeadphonesMeze Headphones11 Neo In Ear Monitors$60.00
HeadphonesMeze Headphones12Classics In Ear Monitors$80.00
HeadphonesMeze Headphones99 Classic Headphones$299.00
HeadphonesMrSpeakersAeon Flow Headphone with DUMMER Cable (Closed Back)$799.99
HeadphonesMrSpeakersAeon Flow Headphone with DUMMER Cable (Open Back)$799.99
HeadphonesMrSpeakersEther Flow Headphone with DUM Cable (Closed Back)$1,799.00
HeadphonesMrSpeakersEther Flow Headphone with DUM Cable (Open Back)$1,799.99
HeadphonesMrSpeakersEther Headphone with DUM Cable (Closed Back)$1,499.99
HeadphonesMrSpeakersEther Headphone with DUM Cable (Open Back)$1,499.99
Headphone AmpsMusic HallPH25.2 Headphone Amp$399.00
Headphone AmpsNuPrime AudioDAC-10H DAC and Headphone Amp$1,795.00
Headphone AmpsNuPrime AudioHPA-9 Headphone Amp$649.00
Portable PlayerNuPrime AudioWR-100 Wi-Fi Audio Adapter$99.00
Headphone CablesPurist Audio DesignImpresa Headphone Cable$680.00
Headphone AccessoriesPurist Audio DesignImpresa Headphone Cable Adaptors$250.00
Headphone AmpsRegaEar Headphone Amp$395.00
Headphone AmpsRogue Audio RH-5 Headphone Amp$2,495.00
Headphone CablesSennheiserCH 650 S Headphone Cable for HD 600$239.95
Headphone CablesSennheiserCH 650 S Headphone Cable for HD 650$239.95
Headphone CablesSennheiserCH 700 S Headphone Cable for HD 700$319.95
Headphone CablesSennheiserCH 800 S Headphone Cable for HD 800$379.95
HeadphonesSennheiserHD 600 Headphones$399.95
HeadphonesSennheiserHD 650 Headphones$499.95
HeadphonesSennheiserHD 700 Headphones$749.95
HeadphonesSennheiserHD 800 Headphones$1,399.95
HeadphonesSennheiserHD 800 S Headphones$1,699.95
Headphone AmpsSennheiserHDVD 800 Headphone Amp with DAC$2,199.95
HeadphonesSennheiserIE60 Headphones$249.95
HeadphonesSennheiserIE800 Headphones$799.95
HeadphonesSennheiserIE80s Headphones$349.95
HeadphonesSennheiserRS165 Wireless Headphones$219.95
HeadphonesSennheiserRS175 Wireless Headphones$279.95
HeadphonesSennheiserRS185 Wireless Headphones$399.95
HeadphonesSennheiserRS195 Wireless Headphones$449.95
HeadphonesSennheiserUrbanite XL Wireless Headphones$299.95
HeadphonesShureKSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System$2,999.00
HeadphonesShureSE215 Earphones$99.00
HeadphonesShureSE315 Earphones$199.00
HeadphonesShureSE425 Earphones$299.00
HeadphonesShureSE535 Earphones$499.00
HeadphonesShureSE846 Earphones$999.00
Headphone AmpsShureSHA900 Portable Amplifier$999.00
HeadphonesShureSRH1540 Closed Back Earphones$499.00
HeadphonesShureSRH1840 Open Back Earphones$499.00
HeadphonesShureSRH440 Headphones$99.00
HeadphonesShureSRH840 Earphones$199.00
HeadphonesShureSRH940 Earphones$299.00
Headphone AccessoriesSieveking SoundOmega Headphone Stand$179.99
Headphone CablesSiltech CablesDuchess Crown Sennheiser HD800 Headphone Cable$1,000.00
HeadphonesSonoma AcousticsM1 Headphone System$4,995.00
Headphone CablesSynergistic ResearchAtmosphere Headphone Cable$695.00
Headphone AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchHT Carbon Headphone Transducer$349.00
Headphone AmpsWells AudioHeadtrip Headphone Amplifier$7,000.00
Headphone CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Eclipse Headphone Cable$150.00
Headphone CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Platinum Eclipse Headphone Cable$450.00
Headphone CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Silver Eclipse Headphone Cable$200.00
Headphone CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyPulse Headphone Cables$58.00
Headphone CablesWyWiresRed Headphone Cable$349.00

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