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This is The Cable Company master listing of all phono cartridges. 

In turntable-based systems this is where the rubber meets the road. With this analogy in mind, as important as it is to put the right size and type of tires on your car, matching the cartridge to the turntable and tonearm is also critical.

Also of utmost importance is matching the cartridge to the downstream electronics in use. Does your phono stage have enough gain for a low output moving coil cartridge, or are you better suited to a higher output or moving magnet design?

Once you have chosen the best phono cartridge you will also find that tonearm cables are particularly important in the audio cable hierarchy because the low level output from the phono cartridge is very fragile. 

We have analog fanatics on staff at The Cable Company who can help you to choose from the many phono cartridges we offer. You can use this link to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

To check out all the options you can scroll through the list below, or in the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at the Lyra phono cartridges or Soundsmith cartridges.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other categories such as tonearm cables or analog interconnects. 


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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMC1 Cartridge$659.00
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMC2 Cartridge$949.00
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMC3 Cartridge$1,449.00
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMM1 Cartridge$199.00
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMM2 Cartridge$439.00
CartridgesAcoustic SignatureMM3 Cartridge$829.00
CartridgesAir TightOpus 1$15,000.00
CartridgesAir TightPC-1$9,000.00
CartridgesAir TightPC-1 Supreme$11,000.00
CartridgesAir TightPC-7$2,500.00
CartridgesCardas AudioMyrtle Heart Ruby $3,450.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductArtist v2 Ebony$600.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductConcept MC$1,000.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductConcerto v2$2,750.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductDa Vinci v2$5,500.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductGoldfinger Statement$15,000.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductMaestro v2 Ebony$1,200.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductPerformer v2 Ebony $400.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductStradivari v2$3,750.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductTalisman V2 Gold$1,750.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductTitanium v2$8,000.00
CartridgesClearAudio ProductVirtuoso v2 Ebony$900.00
CartridgesDynavector10x5 MC Phono Cartridge$650.00
CartridgesDynavectorDRT XV-1S$5,650.00
CartridgesDynavectorDRT XV-1S Mono$5,950.00
CartridgesDynavectorDRT XV-1t$9,450.00
CartridgesDynavectorDV-20X High$995.00
CartridgesDynavectorDV-20X Low$995.00
CartridgesDynavectorKarat 17D3$1,350.00
CartridgesDynavectorTe Kaitora Rua MC Phono Cartridge$3,450.00
CartridgesDynavectorXX-2 Phono Cartridge$1,995.00
CartridgesGoldring1006 Cartridge$375.00
CartridgesGoldring1012GX Cartridge$550.00
CartridgesGoldring1022GX Cartridge$625.00
CartridgesGoldring1042 Cartridge$675.00
CartridgesGoldringElite Moving Coil Cartridge$995.00
CartridgesGoldringEroica H Moving Coil Cartridge$895.00
CartridgesGoldringEroica LX Moving Coil Cartridge$795.00
CartridgesGoldringG2100 Cartridge$250.00
CartridgesGoldringG2200 Cartridge$295.00
CartridgesGoldringG2300 Cartridge$550.00
CartridgesGoldringG2400 Cartridge$750.00
CartridgesGoldringG2500 Cartridge$795.00
CartridgesGrado Labs78C - Prestige Series$90.00
CartridgesGrado Labs78E - Prestige Series$150.00
CartridgesGrado LabsBlack 1 - Prestige Series$75.00
CartridgesGrado LabsBlue 1 - Prestige Series$125.00
CartridgesGrado LabsDJ100i - Prestige Series$100.00
CartridgesGrado LabsDJ200i - Prestige Series$150.00
CartridgesGrado LabsGold 1 - Prestige Series$260.00
CartridgesGrado LabsGreen 1 - Prestige Series$95.00
CartridgesGrado LabsMaster 1 - Series 2$1,000.00
CartridgesGrado LabsMC+ - Prestige Series$90.00
CartridgesGrado LabsME+ - Prestige Series$150.00
CartridgesGrado LabsPlatinum 1 - Reference Series$350.00
CartridgesGrado LabsRed 1 - Prestige Series$170.00
CartridgesGrado LabsReference 1 - Series 2 $1,500.00
CartridgesGrado LabsSilver 1 - Prestige Series$225.00
CartridgesGrado LabsSonata V2 Reference Series Phono Cartridge$600.00
CartridgesGrado LabsSonata V2 Statement Series Phono Cartridge$600.00
CartridgesGrado LabsThe Reference 1 - Series 2$1,500.00
CartridgesGrado LabsThe Statement 1 - Series 2$3,500.00
CartridgesHana CartridgesEH/EL Cartridge$475.00
CartridgesHana CartridgesSH/SL Cartridge$750.00
CartridgesIkeda9mono $4,400.00
CartridgesIkedaSAI (with Headshell)$6,800.00
CartridgesKisekiBlue N.S. $2,499.00
CartridgesKisekiPurple Heart N.S.$3,499.00
CartridgesKoetsuAzule Platinum$10,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuBlack Goldline$2,495.00
CartridgesKoetsuBlue Lace Onyx Platinum$14,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuCoralstone Platinum$13,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuJade Platinum$9,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuOnyx Platinum$9,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuRhodonite Platinum$12,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuRosewood Signature$4,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuRosewood Signature Platinum$7,495.00
CartridgesKoetsuRosewood Standard$3,495.00
CartridgesKoetsuUrushi Black$5,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuUrushi Gold$5,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuUrushi Gold Tsugaru$6,495.00
CartridgesKoetsuUrushi Sky Blue$5,995.00
CartridgesKoetsuUrushi Vermillion$5,995.00
CartridgesMusic HallMagic 2$150.00
CartridgesMusic HallMagic 3 $350.00
CartridgesMusic HallMojo MM$500.00
CartridgesMusic HallSpirit$100.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M 78$125.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M Black$755.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M Blue$236.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M Bronze$440.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M Mono$356.00
CartridgesOrtofon2M Red$100.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC A95$6,499.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Anna$8,924.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Black$2,729.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Blue$1,889.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Bronze$2,309.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Mono$1,280.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Red$1,280.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Quintet Black S$999.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Quintet Blue$524.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Quintet Bronze$839.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Quintet Mono$524.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Quintet Red$314.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Windfeld$4,094.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Xpression$5,669.00
CartridgesOrtofonOM 5E$70.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU 95 Anniversary$3,400.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU Classic GM Mk II $1,049.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU Classic GM-E Mk II $1,112.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU Meister Silver GM Mk II$1,973.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU Royal GM Mk II$2,519.00
CartridgesOrtofonSPU Synergy GM$2,099.00
CartridgesOrtofonTurbo MC 1$240.00
CartridgesOrtofonTurbo MC 3$450.00
CartridgesRega78 Cartridge$165.00
CartridgesRegaBias 2$165.00
CartridgesRegaElys 2$295.00
CartridgesRegaExact 2$595.00
CartridgesShelter201 Phono Cartridge$310.00
CartridgesShelter501 II Mono MC Cartridge$1,995.00
CartridgesShelter7000 MC Phono Cartridge$3,395.00
CartridgesShelter9000 MC Phono Cartridge$4,195.00
CartridgesShelterHarmony MC$5,495.00
CartridgesShun MookReference Moving Coil Phono Cartridge$6,000.00
CartridgesShureM92E Cartridge$49.00
CartridgesShureM97xE Cartridge$99.00
CartridgesSoundSmithHyperion Mk II $7,499.00
CartridgesSoundSmithStrain Gauge$8,590.00
CartridgesSoundSmithStrain Gauge Replacement Styli$349.95
CartridgesSoundSmithThe Voice$2,799.95
CartridgesSoundSmithZephyr MIMC Star$1,749.95
CartridgesSoundSmithZephyr Mk II$1,199.95
CartridgesSteinMusicAventurin 6 Mk II$6,500.00
CartridgesSumikoBlack Pearl$100.00
CartridgesSumikoBlue Point No.2$399.00
CartridgesSumikoBlue Point Special Evo III$499.00
CartridgesSumikoOyster Cartridge$75.00
CartridgesSumikoPalo Santos Presentation$3,999.00
CartridgesSumikoPearwood Celebration II$2,499.00
CartridgesVan den HulFrog Gold$3,195.00
CartridgesVan den HulMC-10 Special$1,550.00
CartridgesVan den HulStradivarius Colibri $7,995.00
CartridgesVan den HulStradivarius Crimson$4,995.00

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