1+1 v5 Speakers (Pair)

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The 1+1 is the most unique small-footprint loudspeaker in the world. Based around the powerful 3" Audience A3S driver, the 1+1 features two active drivers, one mounted on the front baffle, the other facing rearward. There are two side-loaded passive drivers to extend audible low frequency output down into the 30Hz range. There's no crossover to eat up precious amplifier power which means the amplifier has a direct connection to the drivers. The 1+1's speed, grip, control and purity are unparalleled for a speaker of any size, much less one this diminutive. The top octave is very different than a traditional speaker. It may take some time to become accustomed to not having a tweeter "shouting" at you, but once your ears recalibrate, there's a shocking amount of high frequency information... the 1+1 simply doesn't spotlight that range. The 1+1 throws a surprisingly wide and deep image with pin-point precision and an astonishingly accurate tonal balance. Whether enjoyed in near-field or mid-field, the 1+1 delivers a very satisfying musical experience.

With a benign impedance of 8 Ohms and a sensitivity of 87dB the 1+1s can be powered by virtually any amplifier to very satisfying levels. The lowish sensitivity might bring up concerns about sufficient amplifier power, however in the 1+1 there is no crossover to blunt transients or consume energy, so these speakers deliver more music per watt than any traditional speaker can.

From its introduction to the public at CES 2016, this innovative design has received lofty recognition from prominent high-end audio publications all over the world. The Absolute Sound, Stereophile and many others have raved about the 1+1's prodigious capabilities. John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile Magazine states “The sound was dynamic with surprisingly extended low frequencies”.

The 1+1 is available in only one finish, gloss Black main body with gorgeous, lacquered Walnut cheeks. Magnetically attached cloth grilles are provided for those who require them, however, for best performance we highly recommend leaving them in the carton.

Variations on a Theme:
The 1+1 has gone through various revisions during its lifespan as superior materials and construction techniques have become available. All 1+1s are upgradable to current tech, please contact us for pricing and timeframe to upgrade your pair.

August of 2022 Audience releases the 1+1 V5. Lead designer Phil Ducote has implemented a special "voicing circuit" to fine-tune and enhance performance. "The network has two functions, compensate for the small baffle area which favors high frequencies and smooth out midrange response for more balanced performance." The result is a startling improvement in clarity, focus and overall power.

July of 2021 Audience announces the 1+1 V4. This revision features the first change to the passive radiator since the introduction of the model. A blank-slate revision of the passives unleashed an entirely unprecedented level of grip and extension. Top of the line Eichmann ultra-low mass pure copper binding posts further improve tonal balance and purity while reducing noise and distortion.

August of 2018 Audience launched the 1+1 V3 edition, which ushed in a new voice coil technology providing faster rise time and greater control of the driver. Additionally, the V3 loudspeaker's internal wiring includes metallurgic improvements first pioneered in Audience's flagship frontRow cables. v3 is notably better in every aspect with far greater resolution and much lower noise floor, for a dramatically more palpable and tonally rich presentation. Dynamics and sound-staging are also improved.

June of 2017, Audience unveils the 1+1 V2+ configuration. The new A3S2-16 drivers have a more powerful motor structure plus upgraded magnets for greater control. CNC machining of the driver assembly delivers more consistent assembly and improves power handling. Internal wiring is upgraded to Audience's AU24 SX cabling and the driver gets OCC copper tensile conductors. The new dual 8 Ohm voice coil design replaces the older 16 Ohm version, eliminating internal jumper wires as well as 10 separate solder connections. V2+ also includes solder-free Tellurium spring tension binding posts.

Dimensions (HWD): 8x9.75x6"
Weight: 9Lbs each, 18Lbs pair, 24Lbs shipped
Impedance: 8 Ohms 
Sensitivity: 87dB
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 21kHz

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