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4th quarter Recap and Review

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Customer email newsletter dated: January 1, 2013.

Fourth Quarter 2012 Review
January 1, 2013
Every three months we like to revisit the features and specials we have sent your way during the previous quarter, and also to update you on the availability of our recent special offers, which we will extend a little as best we can.

New Products from Synergistic Research...
Our Introduction to the new designs from High Fidelity Cables...
WA-Quantum Released Two New Chips...
The Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner collects more awards...
Deals, deals, deals...

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New Products from Synergistic Research...
... as described in October including their new Element Series Power Cords and Phono Cables, as well as the two new Active Shielding Power Supplies: Transporter and state-of-the-art Enigma II. Another excellent year for this compelling high end manufacturer!
Our Introduction to the new designs from High Fidelity Cables...
... appeared in November. This is arguably the most important new development in high end audio cables in 2012. Initially only RCA interconnects and digital cables are available, but by the end of the first quarter of 2013 we expect to see the companion speaker cables. Outstanding products from the designer of the now defunct Virtual Dynamics line. Head and shoulders above his previous efforts.

The press is already buzzing about these superb products! Take a look at what Harry Pearson has to say, and also the Dagogo review.
WA-Quantum Released Two New Chips...
... also in November. This quantum-treated chip line is our biggest surprise "hit" of the year. The size of these tiny "chips" belies their power, and the addition of the new Power Chips (try one of these on your main circuit breaker panel!) and the Semiconductor Chips just continues to amaze.

No risk money back satisfaction guarantee on the WA-Quantum Chips!
The Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner collects more awards...
... including the coveted Product of the Year Award from Stereophile. 2012 marks the year when this extraordinary analog upgrade entered the broader audiophile consciousness. Reinforces the idea that it all starts with the quality of the source material. This fully automated ultrasonic cleaning "robot" takes the LP to a whole 'nuther level!

See below for extension of year end special offer thru 1/15/2013.

Deals, deals, deals...

... we are extending as many of our"12 Deals of Christmas" as possible until 1/15/13 while supplies last. Here are those specials which we are extending. Don't miss out!

Vinyl Cleaner: Beat the Price Increase
+ Max Incentives and FREE Freight on Stereophile's "Product of the Year."

Original HiFi-Tuning Gold-Plated Fuses - Half Price Closeout!

$249 special on HiFi-Tuning's disc demagnetizer - save $50!

Purist Audio Design: 50% off on "Ultimate" System Enhancer discs - save $75!

And Get the "Ultimate" System Enhancer disc FREE with all $500 purchases of Purist Audio Design Cables!

Save $300 on the Synergistic Research Powercell 4 SE with the NEW Element Series Tungsten AC cable!

Save 30% on the Synergistic Research Precision Basik AC Cable!

Additional special offer on the Hydra Talos; save a cool $800!

Save $200 on Preorders For The January Release of PS Audio's new PowerBase Line Conditioner AND Isolation Platform

Half Price Special on WA-Quantum's NEW Power Chip with Purchase of ANY Upgrade AC Power Receptacle, Line Filter, or AC Distribution Strip.

For details on these special offers, go to the "12 Deals" newsletter.

To view these offers and more, take a look at the complete list of special offers on our SPECIALS PAGE.

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

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