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Yes, we are the world's leading retailer of specialty audio video cables, but our real specialty is providing you with the best information available on all aspects of high performance audio. High end audio cables from interconnects to speaker cables. Digital cables from HDMI cables to USB cables.  AC power cables, as well as the best power conditioners.  Room acoustics and resonance-control devices, high end headphones, and much, much more.  And in many cases these are available for you to try at home in your own system through the Cable Company "Cable Library" and "Hi End Headphone Library." With the help of our experienced audio consultants and our vast cable/component matching databases, we'll turn your good-sounding system into a great one!

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Try In Your Own Home
Using our $2.5 million Cable Library, Audiophiles in the USA can access over 60 brands of cable (+headphones and other products) to test in your system.
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Consult with an Expert
Take advantage of our system-matching expertise with a free system consultation.
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International Customers
Audiophiles and videophiles all over the world can take advantage of our expertise, products, and services.
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