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This is The Cable Company listing for Audioquest cables and accessories.

A leader in the design of audio cables since 1980. Pioneers in the use of multiple conductors for their Audioquest interconnects and Audioquest speaker cables, this is one of the first companies known for serious listening in addition to serious science in the development of cables for high end audio.

In 1987, just two years before the founding of our own company, designer Bill Low began working on video and digital cables as a natural outgrowth of their Audioquest audio cable line. As time has passed Audioquest HDMI and Toslink optical cables have been at the forefront of cable designs for home theater. Audioquest USB cables and new Ethernet and Firewire cables are great upgrades for computer audio sources.

One of the largest of the audiophile cable manufacturers for many years, Audioquest is a full range manufacturer of everything from handy adapters to innovative products like the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Audioquest iPod cables, which can be terrific upgrades for portable audio devices. 

They are also a source for high quality component parts such as spades, bananas, RCA plugs and XLR connectors.

To help you choose the right cables for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best cables to match your system.

To learn more about try-at-home service visit our Cable Library , or you can request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
AdaptorsAudioquestFLX-Mini Splitter$16.95
AdaptorsAudioquestHard Mini/RCA Adaptor$12.95
AdaptorsAudioquestFLX-Mini/RCA Adaptor$16.95
AdaptorsAudioquestHard RCA Splitter$12.95
AdaptorsAudioquestFLX-X RCA Splitter$16.95
AdaptorsAudioquestRCA-RCA Coupler$6.95
AdaptorsAudioquestRCA 90 Degree Adapter$9.95
AdaptorsAudioquest1002 Spade to Banana (Set of 4)$25.00
AdaptorsAudioquestF-DVI to M-HDMI Adapter$29.95
AdaptorsAudioquestF-HDMI to M-DVI Adapter$29.95
AdaptorsAudioquestHDMI 90 Degree Right Angle Adapter- Wide$14.95
AdaptorsAudioquest75 ohm Splitter (Female to 2 Female)$16.95
AdaptorsAudioquest75 ohm Splitter (Female to 3 Female)$21.95
AdaptorsAudioquest75 ohm Splitter (Female to 4 Female)$25.95
AdaptorsAudioquestToslink to Mini Toslink$7.95
AdaptorsAudioquestRCA to BNC Adapter$6.95
AdaptorsAudioquestF to BNC Male Adapter$6.95
AdaptorsAudioquestHDMI 90 Degree Right Angle Adapter- Narrow$14.95
BananaAudioquestCrimp BFA Banana (Set of 4)$18.00
BananaAudioquestSureGrip BFA Banana (Set of 4)$39.00
Bulk Speaker CablesAudioquestGO-4 (Bulk) $15.00
CleanersAudioquestClean Screen$20.00
Digital AudioquestDragonFly USB DAC Version 1.2$149.00
Digital Optical: Toslink or STAudioquestForest OptiLink$29.00
Digital Optical: Toslink or STAudioquestCinnamon OptiLink$65.00
Digital Optical: Toslink or STAudioquestVodka OptiLink$169.00
Digital Optical: Toslink or STAudioquestDiamond OptiLink$489.00
Digital CablesAudioquestForest Digital$25.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCinnamon Digital$59.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCarbon Digital$159.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCoffee Digital$395.00
Digital CablesAudioquestDiamond Digital$820.00
Digital CablesAudioquestWEL Signature Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$3,400.00
Digital CablesAudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$2,050.00
Digital CablesAudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (AES/EBU$2,050.00
Digital CablesAudioquestWEL Signature with 72V DBS (AES/EBU)$3,400.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCinnamon (AES/EBU)$79.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCarbon (AES/EBU)$159.00
Digital CablesAudioquestCoffee with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$395.00
Digital CablesAudioquestDiamond with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$820.00
Digital: EthernetAudioquestRJ/E Forest$39.00
Digital: EthernetAudioquestRJ/E Cinnamon$75.00
Digital: EthernetAudioquestRJ/E Vodka$249.00
Digital: EthernetAudioquestRJ/E Diamond$695.00
Digital: FirewireAudioquestForest FireWire$35.00
Digital: FirewireAudioquestCinnamon FireWire$65.00
Digital: FirewireAudioquestCarbon FireWire$129.00
Digital: FirewireAudioquestDiamond FireWire$549.00
DIY Tools and AccessoriesAudioquestBinding Post Wrench$10.00
FeetAudioquestSorboGel Q Feet System (Set of 4)$99.00
InterconnectsAudioquestSky with 72V DBS (Pair)$2,050.00
InterconnectsAudioquestColumbia with 72v DBS (Pair)$420.00
InterconnectsAudioquestColorado with 72v DBS (Pair)$720.00
InterconnectsAudioquestNiagara with 72v DBS (Pair)$1,300.00
InterconnectsAudioquestWEL Signature (Pair)$6,050.00
InterconnectsAudioquestWild Blue Yonder (Pair)$3,400.00
InterconnectsAudioquestEvergreen (Pair)$32.00
InterconnectsAudioquestGolden Gate$65.00
InterconnectsAudioquestBig Sur$97.00
InterconnectsAudioquestRed River (Pair)$89.00
InterconnectsAudioquestMacKenzie (Pair)$149.00
InterconnectsAudioquestYukon (Pair)$245.00
iPod CablesAudioquestGolden Gate iPod$65.00
iPod CablesAudioquestBig Sur iPod$109.00
iPod CablesAudioquestSydney iPod$179.00
Jumper CablesAudioquestPreAmp Jumpers$29.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioquestSorbothane Self Stick Sheet$25.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioquestRCA Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 10)$39.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioquestXLR Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 2)$29.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioquestDragonTail USB-2.0 Extender$16.95
PinAudioquestBP10 Bendable Pin (Set of 4)$6.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-1$74.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-1.5$124.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-2$124.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-4$254.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-X2$54.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-X3$75.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-10$539.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-100$1,039.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-Wild$2,225.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-WEL Signature Series$4,050.00
Power ConditionersAudioquestIEC>3US$35.00
RCAAudioquestRCA-300 (Set of 4)$20.00
RCAAudioquestRCA-800 (Set of 4)$60.00
SpadeAudioquest1414 Spade (Set of 4)$6.00
SpadeAudioquest1014 Spade (Set of 4)$6.00
SpadeAudioquest1410 Spade (Set of 4)$6.00
SpadeAudioquest1010 Spade (Set of 4)$6.00
SpadeAudioquestSureGrip Spade (Set of 4)$59.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestComet (Pair)$1,600.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestAspen with 72v DBS (Pair)$1,280.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 33 (Pair)$210.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 44 (Pair)$289.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 88 with 72v DBS (Pair)$549.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestWEL Signature with 72V DBS (Pair)$12,200.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestMeteor (Pair)$2,500.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestWildwood with 72V DBS (Pair)$7,400.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestOak (Pair)$1,640.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRedwood (Pair)$3,800.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestK2 with 72V DBS (Pair)$6,100.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestType 4 (Pair)$179.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestKE-4 with 72V DBS (Pair)$3,000.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestGO-4 with 72V DBS$439.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestCastle Rock (Pair)$1,000.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestType 4 REL$89.50
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestGO-4 REL$219.50
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestKE-4 REL$1,500.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 33 REL$105.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 44 REL$144.50
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 88 REL$274.50
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestCastle Rock REL$500.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestComet REL$800.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestMeteor REL$1,250.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestK2 REL$3,050.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestAspen REL$640.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestOak REL$820.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRedwood REL$1,900.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWild Wood REL$3,700.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWEL Signature REL$6,100.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestBlack Lab$34.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestIrish Red$79.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestBoxer$159.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestHusky$309.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWolf$695.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWild Dog$1,495.00
Tonearm CablesAudioquestLeopard Phono with 72V DBS$779.00
Tonearm CablesAudioquestCougar Phono with 72V DBS$359.00
Tonearm CablesAudioquestWEL Signature Phono with 72V DBS$3,750.00
Tonearm CablesAudioquestWild LP Phono with 72V DBS$2,250.00
Tonearm CablesAudioquestWildcat Phono$89.00
Turntable AccessoriesAudioquestHL-5 Headshell Leads (Set of 4)$25.00
Turntable AccessoriesAudioquestRecord Brush$15.00
USB CableAudioquestCarbon USB$129.00
USB CableAudioquestCinnamon USB$65.00
USB CableAudioquestForest USB$35.00
USB CableAudioquestCoffee USB$279.00
USB CableAudioquestDiamond USB$549.00
USB CableAudioquestPearl USB$25.00
USB CableAudioquestPearl USB (USB A to Mini B)$25.00
USB CableAudioquestForest USB (USB A to Mini B)$35.00
USB CableAudioquestCinnamon USB (USB A to Mini B)$65.00
USB CableAudioquestCarbon USB (USB A to Mini B)$129.00
USB CableAudioquestCoffee USB (USB A to Mini B)$279.00
USB CableAudioquestDiamond USB (USB A to Mini B)$549.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestForest HDMI$39.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestCinnamon HDMI$63.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestChocolate HDMI$89.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestCarbon HDMI$145.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestVodka HDMI$265.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestCoffee HDMI with 72v DBS$425.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestDiamond HDMI with 72v DBS$935.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestPearl HDMI$26.00
Video: HDMIAudioquestHDMI Slinky$49.00
Video: ComponentAudioquestYIQ-G Component$50.00
Video: ComponentAudioquestYIQ-X Component$80.00
Video: ComponentAudioquestYIQ-1 Component$125.00
Video: ComponentAudioquestYIQ-3 Component$250.00
Video: ComponentAudioquestYIQ-5 Component$650.00
Video: S VideoAudioquestS-A S Video$25.00
Video: S VideoAudioquestS-G S Video$35.00
XLRAudioquestXLR Connectors (Set of 2)$45.00
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