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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchElement Copper (Pair)$1,200.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper (Pair)$1,615.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten (Pair)$2,000.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten (Pair)$2,660.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver (Pair)$3,600.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver (Pair)$7,125.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE RCA (Pair)$7,500.00
Specials!Synergistic ResearchOverstock/Used Cable Sale on Synergistic Research Tesla Series Cables$0.00
Tonearm CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Phono Reference$2,995.00
Tonearm CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Phono Reference (XLR)$3,995.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo System Speaker Cable (Pair)$0.00
AdaptorsSynergistic ResearchRCA Y Adapter (Pair)$140.00
AdaptorsSynergistic ResearchXLR Y Adapter (Pair)$150.00
AdaptorsSynergistic ResearchActive Audio Adapter (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchGalileo Universal Interconnect Cell (Pair)$1,500.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Universal Speaker Cell (Pair)$2,500.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchThe Music Cable (Pair)$3,600.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchThe Music Cable (Pair)$3,600.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchPicture of Cable Leads 
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InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchGalileo System Interconnect$0.00
Featured ProductsSynergistic ResearchFREE In-Home Trial on the New Synergistic Research HFT$0.01
Bulk InterconnectSynergistic ResearchHDAV RG-59 (Bulk)$2.75
Bulk InterconnectSynergistic ResearchAV Decor (Bulk)$5.25
Bulk InterconnectSynergistic ResearchAV Matrix RG-6 (Bulk)$7.00
AC PlugsSynergistic ResearchQuantum Ground Lifter$35.00
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slow-Blo$59.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Fast-Blo$59.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Slow-Blo$69.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Fast-Blo$69.95
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchHFT High Frequency Transducer$75.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchECT - Electronic Circuit Transducer$75.00
Used AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)Master Control Center$77.05
Used AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)MIG ( Mechanical Interface Grounding)$80.33
Digital Optical: Toslink or STSynergistic ResearchSynTos Toslink$87.50
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slow-Blow$89.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Fast-Blow$89.95
AC Duplex Outlets and AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTesla Plex SE$95.00
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Slow-Blo$99.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Fast-Blo$99.95
AC PlugsSynergistic ResearchG 07 Wall Plug (Single)$100.00
AC PlugsSynergistic ResearchG 07 IEC$100.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchUEF Tuning Circuit$100.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchMini Power Coupler 120v$125.00
FeetSynergistic ResearchMiG: Mechanical Interface Grounding (Set of 3)$150.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Universal Speaker Leads for Biwire and Triwire$150.00
Video: DVISynergistic ResearchDVI Silver Reference$175.00
Video: HDMISynergistic ResearchHDMI Directors$185.00
Digital CablesSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active RCA$195.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)Mini Power Coupler 230v $199.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active AES/EBU$232.50
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchCore (Pair)$245.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCore AC$250.00
Featured ProductsSynergistic ResearchFREE In-Home Trial on the New Synergistic Research ECT's$299.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Satellite (Single)$300.00
Bulk Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchHDAV 16x4 (Bulk)$300.00
Digital CablesSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active SE RCA$345.00
Digital: EthernetSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Ethernet Active$345.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchCore Digital USB Active$345.00
Tonearm CablesSynergistic ResearchVortex Analog Phono$350.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchAcoustic Art Vibration Stand$365.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchCore (Pair)$370.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active SE AES/EBU$382.50
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchXOT Crossover Transducer (Pair)$399.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchQLS-6$399.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Mini Power Coupler 120v$400.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Tesla T2 Black with mpc and US wall plug$449.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Tesla T2 Gold with mpc and US wall plug 20A iec$465.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5ft/1.5m Tesla T2 SE Active$465.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchCore Active (Pair)$495.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchAC Master Coupler 20th Anniversary Edition$495.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchQLS-9$499.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Basik$500.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Subwoofer$540.00
Digital: EthernetSynergistic ResearchEthernet Active SE$550.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8 ft Tesla T2 with mpc and US wall plug$550.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchCore Active (Pair)$550.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Tesla T3 Gold with mpc and US wall plug 20A iec$585.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchUSB 3.0 Active SE$595.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchUSB Active SE$595.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials) 2m Tesla Accelerator Interconnect with RCA- Single Channel $599.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Mini Power Coupler 230v$599.00
Digital: FirewireSynergistic ResearchFirewire 800 Active SE$645.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper$650.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Subwoofer REL SPEC$660.00
Used A/C Line ConditionersSynergistic Research (Used)Powercell 4$721.10
Digital: FirewireSynergistic ResearchThunderbolt SE Firewire$745.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchCore Active SE (Pair)$745.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Bass Station$750.00
Digital CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)1m Tesla D2 (RCA to BNC) $775.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchCore Active SE (Pair)$780.00
Digital CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Digital $800.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Subwoofer$850.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8 ft Tesla T3UHC Black with mpc and US wall plug$899.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten$900.00
Tonearm CablesSynergistic ResearchTricon Analogue 20th Anniversary Edition Phono$900.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Digital (AES/EBU)$950.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Subwoofer REL SPEC$990.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchFrequency Equalizer FEQ$995.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTranquility Basik$995.00
Specials!Synergistic ResearchGet $600 in FREE Product with Purchase of $995 Synergistic Research FEQ!$995.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1.5m Tesla Accelerator Interconnect with RCA $998.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1.5m Tesla Accelerator Interconnect Gold with RCA$998.00
Digital CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)1.5m Tesla D2 (XLR) $1,075.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8ft Tesla Accelerator Biwire Speaker Cable with BFA Bananas $1,198.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement C.T.S. Subwoofer$1,200.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Precision AC Black with mpc and US wall plug$1,250.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchTesla PowerCell 4$1,250.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement C.T.S. Subwoofer REL SPEC$1,320.00
Used AccessoriesSynergistic Research (Used)Transporter 230 volt$1,350.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Vibraton$1,500.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1m Tesla Precision Reference Interconnect with RCA $1,550.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1.5m Tesla Acoustic Reference Interconnect with XLR $1,550.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1m Tesla Precision Reference Interconnect with XLR to RCA $1,550.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Hologram A Black with mpc and US wall plug$1,595.00
Digital CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Digital$1,600.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)24ft Subwoofer Reference (RCA) $1,735.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Digital (AES/EBU)$1,750.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)5 ft Hologram D (for digital source components) Black with mpc$1,798.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/ Tungsten$1,800.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchTesla Powercell 4 SE$1,850.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1.5m Tesla Precision Reference Gold Interconnect with RCA$1,898.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTranquility Base$1,995.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTransporter$1,995.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchPowercell 6$1,995.00
USB CableSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE USB$1,995.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)30ft Subwoofer Reference (RCA) $1,998.00
Digital CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver Digital$2,000.00
Used DigitalSynergistic Research (Used)The Music Cable USB to 2 x RCA with a DAC hardwired in between$2,030.63
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)2m Tesla Precision Reference Interconnect with RCA$2,098.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)2m Tesla Precision Reference Gold Interconnect with RCA$2,098.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8ft Hologram D (for digital source components) Black with mpc$2,175.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)6m Tesla Accelerator Interconnect with RCA$2,195.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTransporter Ultra$2,295.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)2.5m Tesla Precision Reference Interconnect with RCA$2,298.00
Power CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8 ft Hologram A Black with mpc and US wall plug$2,298.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver Digital (AES/EBU)$2,300.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)3m Tesla Precision Reference Interconnect with RCA$2,498.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)1.25m Tesla Apex Interconnect with XLR to RCA$2,498.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)8ft Tesla Precision Reference Biwire Speaker Cable with BFA Bananas$2,550.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchTesla Powercell 6 SE$2,595.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCopper/ Tungsten/Silver Element A (Amp/Preamp)$2,800.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTransporter Ultra SE$2,895.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchTranquility Base XL$2,995.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCopper/ Tungsten/Silver Element D (Digital)$3,000.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Acoustic Room Treatment Kit$3,150.00
InterconnectsSynergistic Research (Specials)3m Tesla Apex Interconnect with RCA $3,950.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)2.5m Tesla Apex Biwire Speaker Cable with BFA Bananas$4,298.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)3m Tesla Apex Speaker Cable with BFA Bananas$4,798.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic Research (Specials)3m Tesla Apex Speaker Cable with Spades to BFA Bananas $4,798.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchTesla PowerCell 10 SE MkIII$5,500.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE Digital $5,600.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE Analogue$5,600.00
InterconnectsSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE XLR (Pair)$9,500.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchEnigma$11,000.00
Speaker CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE (Pair)$14,500.00
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SpeakersAyon AudioCrane (Pair)$0.00
Misc. AccessoriesCardas AudioRCA C SP SS Protection Caps (Pair)$11.52
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-650 (Pair)$12.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-600 (Pair)$12.00
Misc. AccessoriesCardas AudioBNC C SS Protection Caps (Pair)$14.98
Misc. AccessoriesCardas AudioSVID C SS Protection Caps (Pair)$14.98
Headphone & AccessoriesCardas AudioHPSC Headphone Connector (Pair)$16.00
Record Cleaning Machines and Accessories Spin-CleanWasher Roller (Pair)$19.99
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyTerra (Pair)$20.00
SpadeKimber KablePostMaster 25 1/4" Standard Spade (Pair)$20.00
SpadeKimber KablePostMaster 33 5/16" Oversized Spade (Pair)$20.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicRCA-2C (Pair)$24.00
Record Cleaning Machines and Accessories Spin-CleanWasher Brushes (Pair)$24.99
InterconnectsStraight WireMusicable II (Pair)$28.00
BananaCardas AudioCABD Banana (Fixed Pair)$30.88
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyLuna 7 RCA (Pair)$36.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicCM-R1 RCA Socket (Pair)$50.00
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologySolstice 7 (Pair)$52.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicWhite Lightning (Pair)$55.00
InterconnectsStraight WireChorus AG (Pair)$55.00
Misc. AccessoriesCardas AudioXLR C SS Protection Caps-Male (Pair)$56.30
Misc. AccessoriesCardas AudioXLR C SS Protection Caps-Female (Pair)$56.30
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusOval In Wall CL3 & FT4 (Pair)$58.00
InterconnectsStraight WireSymphony II (Pair)$65.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 1 Center Stage (Pair)$65.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4PR (Pair)$66.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyHorizon (Pair)$66.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzMicro Purl CU RCA (Pair)$68.00
RCADH Labs Silver SonicHC Alloy RCA (Pair)$70.00
InterconnectsKimber KableTonik (Pair)$74.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4VS (Pair)$82.50
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusOval One (Pair)$84.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireMusicable (Pair)$84.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyStream 7 (Pair)$84.00
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyOasis 7 (Pair)$85.00
InterconnectsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Alpha-Line 1 (Pair)$89.00
InterconnectsDiMarzioHigh Definition (Pair)$89.00
InterconnectsKimber KablePBJ (Pair)$96.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzMicro Purl CU XLR (Pair)$97.00
InterconnectsTara LabsTL-101 (Pair)$98.00
InterconnectsPear CableBosc (Pair) $99.00
Misc. AccessoriesShakti InnovationsOn-Lines (Pair)$99.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusClear Oval (Pair)$99.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTQ 2 Triode Quartz Copper RCA (Pair)$100.00
InterconnectsChord CompanyCrimson Vee 3 (Pair)$100.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8PR (Pair)$105.00
InterconnectsStraight WireEncore II (Pair)$108.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicBL-1 Series II (Pair)$110.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireChorus II (Pair)$110.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyLuna 7 (Pair)$110.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzMicroPurl AG RCA (Pair)$111.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 2 Veracity (Pair)$111.80
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenAction 2.0 (Pair)$118.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusChocolate Oval 12/2 (Pair)$119.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTourmaline Copper: RCA (Pair)$120.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicXStream (Pair)$120.00
InterconnectsOmega MikroClearview Ultrathin Ribbon (Pair) $120.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroGolden Helix (Pair)$120.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireSoundStage (Pair)$120.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioNeo RCA (Pair)$125.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusTheater 4 (Pair)$125.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenOscar (Pair)$126.00
InterconnectsKimber KableTimbre (Pair)$126.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 1 Center Stage Bi-Wire (Pair)$128.96
Misc. AccessoriesWA-Quantum GmbHLoudspeaker Chip (Pair)$129.95
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyEquinox 7 (Pair)$130.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8PR Internal Biwire (Pair)$130.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4PR Biwire (Pair)$132.00
InterconnectsTara LabsTL-201 (Pair)$134.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8VS (Pair)$138.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologySolstice 7 (Pair)$140.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTQ 2 Triode Quartz Copper XLR (Pair)$142.00
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusBlue Oval-In In Wall (Pair)$142.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioCrosslink (Pair)$144.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioNeo XLR (Pair)$145.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Theatre 4 Wire (Pair)$145.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioPrismGround Control with Spades (Pair)$149.00
InterconnectsChord CompanyCobra Vee 3 (Pair)$150.00
InterconnectsDiMarzioM-Path (Pair)$150.00
InterconnectsTara LabsPrime M3 (Pair)$150.00
Speaker CablesPear CableBosc (Pair)$154.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroGolden Helix Plus (Pair)$155.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicT-14 (Pair)$156.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzMicroPurl AG XLR (Pair)$157.00
InterconnectsPear CableComice Silver (Pair) $158.00
InterconnectsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Alpha-Line 2 (Pair)$159.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusOval 12 (Pair)$159.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4TC (Pair)$160.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTQ 2 Triode Quartz Fine Solid Silver: RCA (Pair)$163.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4VS Biwire (Pair)$165.00
AdaptorsCardas AudioGold RCA to XLR Adapter (Pair)$165.33
InterconnectsKimber KableHero (Pair)$167.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTourmaline Copper:XLR (Pair)$170.00
InterconnectsStraight WireRhapsody S (Pair)$170.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4PR/8PR Biwire (Pair)$171.00
InterconnectsOmega MikroClearview Ultrathin Ribbon Plus (Pair) $175.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableEssence RCA (Pair)$175.00
Speaker CablesPear CableComice (Pair)$175.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestType 4 (Pair)$179.00
Speaker CablesDiMarzioHigh Definition (Pair)$179.00
InterconnectsChang LightspeedMusic Link 1 (Pair)$180.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSoloist Plus RCA (Pair)$180.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioMicrotwin (Pair)$188.00
InterconnectsSkywire AudioSE RCA (Pair)$190.00
InterconnectsBlack Cat CableNeo-Morpheus! RCA (Pair)$195.00
InterconnectsHomegrown Audio Co.Super Silver (Pair)$195.00
InterconnectsRegaCouple 2 (Pair)$195.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Clear Oval Biwire (Pair)$195.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroClearview Golden Parallel (Pair)$195.00
InterconnectsOyaideAcross 750RR (Pair) $197.00
Featured ProductsCathedral SoundRoom Dampening Panels (Pair)$199.95
Speaker CablesStraight WireSymphony (Pair)$200.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsUltraConductor 2 (Pair)$209.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsTara TL-2/14 (Pair)$209.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 33 (Pair)$210.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenWOW (Pair)$211.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenEpoch (Pair)$213.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Chocolate Oval 12/2 (Pair)$218.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4VS/8VS Biwire (Pair)$220.50
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 2 Veracity Bi-Wire (Pair)$223.60
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusCopper Oval-In Micro (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsChord CompanyChameleon Vee 3 (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsHomegrown Audio Co.Silver Diva (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsRegaBalanced XLR (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableEssence XLR (Pair)$225.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzTQ 2 Triode Quartz Fine Solid Silver: XLR (Pair)$231.00
InterconnectsSkywire AudioSE XLR (Pair)$235.00
Speaker CablesBlack Cat CableNeo-Morpheus! (Pair)$235.00
InterconnectsAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)Alpha-Line Plus (Pair)$239.00
InterconnectsOmega MikroExcalibur Ribbon (Pair) $240.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicAir Matrix (Pair)$245.00
Speaker CablesDynamique AudioQuest (Pair)$245.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudioPrismReference Ground Control for Speakers (Pair)$249.95
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzSapphire Silver: RCA (Pair)$250.00
InterconnectsEichmann ETIExpress Cu (Pair)$250.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableDefinition (Pair)$250.00
Speaker CablesDiMarzioM Path (Pair)$250.00
InterconnectsKimber KableSilver Streak (Pair)$257.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioCrosslink (Pair)$260.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireOctave II (Pair)$260.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenAction 5.0 (Pair)$268.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor RCA to RCA (Pair)$269.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsUltra Conductor 2 (Pair)$274.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor RCA to DIN (Pair)$275.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8TC (Pair)$275.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 3 Divinity (Pair)$275.60
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Oval 12 Biwire (Pair)$279.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicExcalibur II RCA (Pair)$280.00
InterconnectsStraight WireSerenade II (Pair)$280.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroDouble Golden Helix (Pair)$280.00
Speaker CablesSkywire AudioSE (Pair)$280.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 44 (Pair)$289.00
InterconnectsHomegrown Audio Co.Silver Lace (Pair)$295.00
InterconnectsGutwireBasic2 (Pair)$299.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsBalanced UltraConductor 2 (Pair)$299.00
InterconnectsDiscovery CableMark II (Pair)$300.00
Misc. AccessoriesSteinMusicSpeaker Matches (Pair)$300.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8TC Internal Biwire (Pair)$300.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicT-14 Biwire (Pair)$306.00
Speaker CablesPear CableBosc Double Biwire (Pair)$308.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor RCA to XLR (Pair)$309.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyOasis 7 (Pair)$310.00
InterconnectsOyaideTunami Terzo RR (Pair) $320.00
InterconnectsOyaideAcross 900 XX (Pair) $320.00
Speaker CablesDiscovery Cable1-2-3 (Pair)$320.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4TC Biwire (Pair)$320.00
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyEclipse 7 (Pair)$325.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroClearview Golden Parallel Plus (Pair)$325.00
Speaker CablesVooDoo CableEssence (Pair)$325.00
InterconnectsEichmann ETIExpress Hb RCA (Pair)$330.00
InterconnectsEichmann ETIExpress Hb XLR (Pair)$330.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio1200 RCA (Pair)$330.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioTwinlink (Pair)$332.00
InterconnectsAlpha Core GoertzSapphire Silver: XLR (Pair)$333.00
InterconnectsOmega MikroExcalibur Ribbon Plus (Pair) $335.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Special GEM (Pair)$350.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyTruth Link III (Pair)$350.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableVelocity (Pair)$350.00
Speaker CablesChord CompanyCarnival Silver Screen (Pair)$350.00
Speaker CablesPear CableComice Double Biwire (Pair)$350.00
InterconnectsTara LabsPrime M2 (Pair)$359.00
InterconnectsStraight WireVirtuoso R (Pair)$360.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicQ-10 Signature (Pair)$360.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicExcalibur II XLR (Pair)$380.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicQ-10 Signature Internal Biwire (Pair)$380.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioTempest RCA (Pair)$395.00
Speaker CablesOmega MikroDouble Golden Helix Plus (Pair)$395.00
Speaker CablesSkywire Audio1200 (Pair)$395.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicLiquid Air SE RCA (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsJena LabsTrio Plus XLR (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsJena LabsTrio Plus RCA (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsJena LabsGemini (Pair)$400.00
Jumper CablesShunyata ResearchReference VTX Jumper (Set of 4)$400.00
Speaker CablesEichmann ETIExpress Cu (Pair)$400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsS-L (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsHarmonixC1230 RCA MK 2 (Pair)$404.65
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusSolo Crystal Oval (Pair)$410.00
InterconnectsKimber KableSilver Streak Balanced (Pair)$410.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenAction 7.0 (Pair)$418.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor "E" Version RCA to RCA (Pair)$419.00
InterconnectsAudioquestColumbia with 72v DBS (Pair)$420.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBlack Mesh Oval 9 (Pair)$423.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsSuperconductor Q (Pair)$424.00
Speaker CablesVooDoo CableDefinition (Pair)$425.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioTempest XLR (Pair)$430.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio1200 XLR (Pair)$430.00
InterconnectsOyaideTunami Terzo XX (Pair) $435.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable12TC (Pair)$435.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable12TC Internal Biwire (Pair)$435.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable4TC/8TC Biwire (Pair)$435.00
Misc. AccessoriesWalker AudioHigh Definition Links III (Pair)$445.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor Balanced (Pair)$449.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicRevelation (Pair)$450.00
InterconnectsDiscovery CableSignature (Pair)$450.00
InterconnectsSiltech Cables90i (Pair) $450.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioNeutral Reference (Pair)$466.00
Speaker CablesAudienceConductor (Pair)$479.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireRhapsody S (Pair)$480.00
InterconnectsKimber KableHero HB (Pair)$486.00
InterconnectsTara LabsPrime M1 (Pair)$494.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Piccolo (Pair)$495.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusSilver Oval Two (Pair)$499.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsUltra Conductor 2 Dual Bi-Wire (Pair)$499.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicLiquid Air SE XLR (Pair)$500.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableEvolution (Pair)$500.00
Speaker CablesDiMarzioSuper M Path (Pair)$500.00
Speaker CablesEichmann ETIExpress Hb (Pair)$500.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsPrime M800 (Pair)$500.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioCross (Pair)$508.00
InterconnectsGutwireSynchrony2 (Pair)$529.00
Speaker CablesGutwireBasic2 Speaker Cables (Pair)$529.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRocket 88 with 72v DBS (Pair)$549.00
InterconnectsSiltech Cables180i (Pair) $550.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicExcalibur II (Pair)$550.00
Speaker CablesChord CompanyOdyssey 2 (Pair)$550.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsSiamese 4 (Pair)$550.00
Speaker CablesKimber Kable8TC Biwire (Pair)$550.00
Speaker CablesOyaideOR-800 Advance-Spade (Pair)$550.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenMatrix Reference II (Pair)$551.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzMI 3 Divinity Bi-Wire (Pair)$551.20
InterconnectsJPS LabsBalanced Superconductor Q (Pair)$562.00
InterconnectsStraight WireCrescendo II (Pair)$570.00
InterconnectsHomegrown Audio Co.Silver DNA (Pair)$575.00
Speaker CablesDynamique AudioCyclone (Pair)$580.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio1400 RCA (Pair)$585.00
Speaker CablesHarmonixCS-120 (Pair)$590.10
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 RCA to RCA (Pair)$595.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 RCA to DIN (Pair)$595.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKCAG (Pair)$595.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioGolden Presence (Pair)$600.00
InterconnectsChang LightspeedPower Amplifier Reference Link (Pair)$600.00
InterconnectsChord CompanyChorus Reference (Pair)$600.00
Speaker CablesDiscovery CableSignature (Pair)$600.00
Speaker CablesVooDoo CableVelocity (Pair)$600.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioClear Light (Pair)$604.00
InterconnectsAudienceConductor "E" Version Balanced (Pair)$619.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 RCA to XLR (Pair)$620.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioClear Sky (Pair)$622.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 DIN to DIN (Pair)$625.00
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusSilver Oval -In (Pair)$630.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 XLR to RCA (Pair)$630.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyEquinox 7 (Pair)$630.00
InterconnectsNirvanaS-L Series (Pair)$645.00
InterconnectsDiscovery CablePlus 4 (Pair)$650.00
InterconnectsSiltech Cables180 ix (Pair) $650.00
Speaker CablesOyaideTunami II SP-B Bananas (Pair)$650.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireExpressivo (Pair)$660.00
Speaker CablesOyaideTunami II SP-Y Spades (Pair)$662.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableIris-IR RCA (Pair)$670.00
Speaker CablesAudienceConductor "E" Version (Pair)$679.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio1400 XLR (Pair)$685.00
InterconnectsTel WireConnect RCA (Pair)$699.00
InterconnectsChang LightspeedPhono/CD ~ Preamp Reference Link (Pair)$700.00
InterconnectsOyaideAR-910 (Pair) $700.00
InterconnectsShunyata ResearchBlack Mamba (Pair) $700.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenSatori (Pair)$708.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1116 (Pair)$714.00
InterconnectsAudioquestColorado with 72v DBS (Pair)$720.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicQ-10 Signature - External Biwire (Pair)$720.00
Misc. AccessoriesWalker AudioReference Plus High Definition Links (Pair)$725.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsSuperconductor Q Biwire (Pair)$749.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsSuperconductor Q (Pair)$749.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Micro (Pair)$750.00
Speaker CablesChord CompanyEpic Twin (Pair)$750.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG1 Center Stage (Pair)$761.28
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Special GEM (Pair)$775.00
Speaker CablesAudienceConductor Bi-Wire (Pair)$779.00
Speaker CablesFurutechEvolution II (Pair)$782.00
Speaker CablesSkywire Audio1400 (Pair)$785.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 "E" Version RCA to RCA (Pair)$790.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioShadow RCA (Pair)$795.00
InterconnectsChord CompanyAnthem Reference (Pair)$800.00
InterconnectsJena LabsFugue XLR (Pair)$800.00
InterconnectsJena LabsFugue RCA (Pair)$800.00
InterconnectsMagnan Audio CablesType Vi RCA (Pair)$800.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesClassic 330i (Pair) $800.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioPGS 2008 RCA (Pair) $800.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioPGS 2008 XLR (Pair) $800.00
Speaker Cables47 LaboratoriesModel 4719 (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesDiscovery CableEssential (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 3 (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsPrime M1500 Biwire (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesVooDoo CableEvolution (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBlack Mesh Bi-Oval 9 Biwire (Pair)$801.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBig Silver Oval (Pair)$805.00
InterconnectsCardas AudioGolden Reference (Pair)$816.00
InterconnectsAural SymphonicsAs-One xxv RCA (Pair)$820.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1016 (Pair)$820.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableArtemis-IR RCA (Pair)$820.00
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsAs-One xxv (Pair)$820.00
InterconnectsFurutechEvolution II (Pair)$825.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioShadow XLR (Pair)$840.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioNeutral Reference (Pair)$847.00
InterconnectsTel WireConnect XLR (Pair)$849.00
InterconnectsDiscovery CableEssence (Pair)$850.00
Speaker CablesAudienceAu 24 (Pair)$850.00
InterconnectsKimber KableHero AG (Pair)$857.00
Speaker CablesHomegrown Audio Co.X16 (Pair)$895.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyMagic Link III (Pair)$900.00
InterconnectsMagnan Audio CablesType Vi Balanced (Pair)$900.00
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyGold Eclipse 7 (Pair)$900.00
Speaker CablesSiltech Cables90 L (Pair)$900.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireSerenade II (Pair)$900.00
TubesEAT (Euro Audio Team)KT88 Diamond (Pair)$900.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 XLR to XLR (Pair)$925.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioCross (Pair)$934.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio2020 RCA (Pair)$945.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Silver Oval Biwire (Pair)$948.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignNo. 3 (Pair)$950.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableArtemis-IX XLR (Pair)$950.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableHermes-IR RCA (Pair)$950.00
InterconnectsAural SymphonicsAs-One xxv XLR (Pair)$956.00
InterconnectsAcrolink6N-A2400 II (Pair)$960.00
Speaker CablesNirvanaS-L Series (Pair)$970.00
InterconnectsAcoustic ZenSilver Reference II (Pair)$976.00
Speaker CablesHarmonic TechnologyPro-11 Reference (Pair)$990.00
InterconnectsShunyata ResearchCobra Ztron (Pair)$998.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsSuperconductor 3 (Pair)$999.00
InterconnectsAccustic ArtsSilver Line -New Edition RCA (Pair)$1,000.00
InterconnectsAccustic ArtsSilver Line -New Edition XLR (Pair)$1,000.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$1,000.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioSwift RCA (Pair) $1,000.00
Speaker CablesDynamic DesignLotus Mk3 (Pair)$1,000.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 4 (Pair)$1,000.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableMonocle- X (Pair)$1,000.00
Speaker CablesMagnan Audio CablesSignature (Pair)$1,000.00
InterconnectsHarmonixHS-101 "HARMONIC-STRINGS" RCA (Pair)$1,000.40
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1126 (Pair)$1,025.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusSolo Crystal Oval 8 (Pair)$1,070.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenHologram II (Pair)$1,098.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,100.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableHermes-IX XLR (Pair)$1,100.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableApollo Mk II-IR RCA (Pair)$1,100.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Solo Crystal Oval 8 Biwire (Pair)$1,105.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioClear Light (Pair)$1,108.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKCTG (Pair)$1,115.00
InterconnectsAudienceAu 24 "E" Version XLR to XLR (Pair)$1,150.00
Speaker CablesAudienceAu 24 "E" Version (Pair)$1,150.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusBi-Big Silver Oval Biwire (Pair)$1,154.00
InterconnectsSkywire Audio2020 XLR (Pair)$1,170.00
InterconnectsNirvanaS-X Ltd. (Pair)$1,185.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableMonocle- XL (Pair)$1,192.00
InterconnectsSilent SourceSignature RCA (Pair) $1,195.00
InterconnectsCable Research LabCopper (Pair)$1,199.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsBalanced Superconductor 3 (Pair)$1,199.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSymphony XLR (Pair)$1,200.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSymphony RCA (Pair)$1,200.00
InterconnectsPear CableAnjou (Pair) $1,200.00
Speaker CablesHomegrown Audio Co.X32 (Pair)$1,200.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 5 (Pair)$1,200.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsRSC Prime M1 (Pair)$1,200.00
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsPurple v.3 (Pair)$1,220.00
Speaker CablesSkywire Audio2020 (Pair)$1,245.00
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioCottonmouth (Pair)$1,245.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesClassic 550i (Pair) $1,250.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Piccolo with Splitters (Pair)$1,250.00
InterconnectsAcrolink6N-D5050 II (Pair)$1,275.00
Speaker CablesHomegrown Audio Co.X16 Biwire (Pair)$1,275.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1026 (Pair)$1,280.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioCottonmouth RCA (Pair)$1,295.00
Speaker CablesAudienceAu-24 Bi-Wire (Pair)$1,295.00
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioAdder Silver (Pair)$1,295.00
Speaker CablesCable Research LabCopper (Pair)$1,299.00
Speaker CablesTel WireCable (Pair)$1,299.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Standard (Pair)$1,300.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableApollo Mk II-IX XLR (Pair)$1,300.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air (Pair)$1,300.00
Speaker CablesHarmonic TechnologyPro-9 Reference (Pair)$1,300.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyEclipse 7 (Pair)$1,300.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireVirtuoso H (Pair)$1,320.00
Speaker CablesDynamique AudioCaparo (Pair)$1,325.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG2 Veracity (Pair)$1,338.48
InterconnectsSnake River AudioCottonmouth XLR (Pair)$1,345.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioAdder Silver RCA (Pair)$1,345.00
Speaker CablesSiltech Cables180 L (Pair)$1,350.00
InterconnectsSilent SourceSignature XLR (Pair) $1,395.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioAdder Silver XLR (Pair)$1,395.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioSwift XLR (Pair) $1,400.00
Speaker CablesHarmonic TechnologyPro-9 Reference Internal Biwire (Pair)$1,400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 7 (Pair)$1,400.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenSatori Shotgun (Pair)$1,438.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi RCA (Pair)$1,445.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 (Pair)$1,450.00
InterconnectsFurutechAudio Reference III (Pair)$1,464.00
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioMumushi (Pair)$1,470.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioMaya RCA (Pair)$1,495.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi XLR (Pair)$1,495.00
Speaker CablesShunyata ResearchBlack Mamba (Pair)$1,498.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsDynamic DesignLotus Mk3 RCA (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsDynamic DesignLotus Mk3 XLR (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsDynamic DesignLotus SE RCA (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsShunyata ResearchPython Ztron (Pair) $1,500.00
InterconnectsTeo AudioPDL Mk II RCA (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsVooDoo CableStradivarius Cremona Edition (Pair)$1,500.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG1 Center Stage Biwire (Pair)$1,522.56
InterconnectsCardas AudioClear (Pair)$1,524.00
Speaker CablesGutwireSynchrony2 Speaker Cables (Pair)$1,529.00
InterconnectsAural SymphonicsChrono RCA (Pair)$1,553.50
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsChrono (Pair)$1,553.50
Speaker CablesKimber KableBiFocal- X (Pair)$1,580.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioMaya XLR (Pair)$1,595.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioCottonmouth Signature Series RCA (Pair)$1,595.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsSuperconductor V (Pair)$1,599.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,600.00
InterconnectsAural SymphonicsChrono XLR (Pair)$1,600.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1030 (Pair)$1,600.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableZeus-IR RCA (Pair)$1,600.00
InterconnectsMagnan Audio CablesType Vi Signature RCA (Pair)$1,600.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestComet (Pair)$1,600.00
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsChrono b2 (Pair)$1,600.00
Speaker CablesDynamic DesignLotus Mk3 Biwire (Pair)$1,600.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestOak (Pair)$1,640.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioCottonmouth Signature Series XLR (Pair)$1,645.00
Speaker CablesFurutechSpeaker Reference III (Pair)$1,672.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi Signature Series RCA (Pair)$1,695.00
Speaker CablesHarmonic TechnologyPro-9 SE Reference External Biwire (Pair)$1,699.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioAir King RCA (Pair) $1,700.00
InterconnectsWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Eclipse 7 (Pair)$1,700.00
Speaker CablesHomegrown Audio Co.X32 Biwire (Pair)$1,700.00
Speaker CablesLegenburg CableIris-S (Pair)$1,700.00
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioMamushi Signature Series (Pair)$1,720.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi Signature Series XLR (Pair) $1,745.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignNo. 2 (Pair)$1,750.00
Speaker CablesAudienceAu 24 "E" Version Biwire (Pair)$1,750.00
InterconnectsHarmonixHS-101GP "GOLDEN PERFORMANCE" RCA (Pair)$1,775.00
InterconnectsTara LabsISM OnBoard The 2 EX (Pair)$1,795.50
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioCottonmouth Signature Series (Pair)$1,799.00
InterconnectsDynamic DesignLotus SE XLR (Pair)$1,800.00
Speaker CablesDynamic DesignLotus SE (Pair)$1,800.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesClassic 330 L (Pair)$1,800.00
InterconnectsLegenburg CableZeus-IX XLR (Pair)$1,850.00
Speaker CablesSilent SourceSignature (Pair)$1,899.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,900.00
Speaker CablesAccustic ArtsCoax Line Mk 2 (Pair)$1,900.00
Speaker CablesStraight WireCrescendo II (Pair)$1,900.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableBiFocal- XL (Pair)$1,910.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioGolden Reference (Pair)$1,932.00
Speaker CablesNirvanaS-L Series Biwire (Pair)$1,940.00
Speaker CablesTel WireCable Biwire (Pair)$1,948.50
Speaker CablesNirvanaS-X Series (Pair)$1,953.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenDouble Barrel (Pair)$1,978.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-3033 (Pair)$1,980.00
Speaker CablesShunyata ResearchCobra Ztron (Pair)$1,998.00
Speaker CablesStealth AudioHybrid MLT (Pair)$2,000.00
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1136 (Pair)$2,032.50
InterconnectsKimber KableKS-1036 (Pair)$2,040.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesClassic 770i (Pair) $2,050.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioZenith RCA (Pair)$2,070.00
Speaker CablesAccustic ArtsTop Line Mk 2 (Pair)$2,100.00
Speaker CablesLegenburg CableArtemis-S (Pair)$2,100.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioGolden Cross (Pair)$2,124.00
InterconnectsCable Research LabSilver (Pair)$2,149.00
Speaker CablesFurutechSpeaker Reference III Biwire (Pair)$2,172.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$2,200.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Micro with Splitters (Pair)$2,250.00
InterconnectsDynamique AudioZenith XLR (Pair)$2,285.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioNanofiber RCA (Pair) $2,300.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air (Pair)$2,300.00
Speaker CablesCable Research LabSilver (Pair)$2,325.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Reference (Pair)$2,400.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyPhoton Link (Pair)$2,400.00
InterconnectsTeo AudioSuper PDL Mk II RCA (Pair)$2,400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 11 (Pair)$2,400.00
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsPurple v.3 Biwire (Pair)$2,440.00
InterconnectsAcrolink7N-D5000 (Pair)$2,450.00
InterconnectsShunyata ResearchAnaconda Ztron (Pair) $2,495.00
InterconnectsAnalysis PlusMicro Golden Oval (Pair)$2,498.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioAir King XLR (Pair) $2,500.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestMeteor (Pair)$2,500.00
Speaker CablesAural Symphonics Hybrid v3 Biwire (Pair)$2,596.00
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenAbsolute (Pair)$2,598.00
Speaker CablesStealth AudioCloud 99 (Pair)$2,600.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 Biwire (Pair)$2,625.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG2 Veracity Biwire (Pair)$2,676.96
InterconnectsTara LabsISM OnBoard The ONE (Pair)$2,695.50
Speaker CablesLegenburg CableHermes-S (Pair)$2,700.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesClassic 550 L (Pair)$2,700.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Eclipse 7 (Pair)$2,700.00
InterconnectsFurutechLineflux (Pair)$2,704.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 Biamp (Pair)$2,750.00
Speaker CablesPear CableAnjou (Pair)$2,750.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsSuperConductor 3 (Pair)$2,799.00
Speaker CablesHarmonixHS101-SLC "SOPHISTICATED LISTENER" (Pair)$2,809.90
Speaker CablesKimber KableTriFocal-XL (Pair)$2,830.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 2 (Pair)$2,860.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG3 Divinity (Pair)$2,866.24
Speaker CablesNirvanaS-L Series Triwire (Pair)$2,910.00
InterconnectsPranaWireDeva (Pair) $2,950.00
InterconnectsTeo AudioStandard Mk II RCA (Pair)$2,995.00
Speaker CablesShunyata ResearchPython Ztron (Pair)$2,998.00
InterconnectsJena LabsValkyre RCA (Pair)$3,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsValkyre XLR (Pair)$3,000.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioMetacarbon RCA (Pair) $3,000.00
Speaker CablesAudioPrismReference (Pair)$3,000.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestKE-4 with 72V DBS (Pair)$3,000.00
Speaker CablesAural SymphonicsChrono Biwire (Pair)$3,107.00
InterconnectsJPS LabsAluminata Reference (Pair)$3,149.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesPrincess (Pair) $3,150.00
Speaker CablesAccustic ArtsPremium Line Mk 2 (Pair)$3,200.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicRevelation SP (Pair)$3,250.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-6063 (Pair)$3,267.50
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-3035 (Pair)$3,330.00
InterconnectsAudioquestWild Blue Yonder (Pair)$3,400.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioNanofiber XLR (Pair) $3,400.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Standard with Splitters (Pair)$3,400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 15 (Pair)$3,400.00
InterconnectsTeo AudioSuper PDL XLR (Pair)$3,450.00
InterconnectsTara LabsISM OnBoard The 0.8 EX (Pair)$3,595.50
Speaker CablesFurutechSpeakerFlux (Pair)$3,645.00
Speaker CablesPranaWireDeva (Pair)$3,645.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioClear (Pair)$3,668.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestRedwood (Pair)$3,800.00
Speaker CablesLegenburg CableApollo Mk II-S (Pair)$3,800.00
InterconnectsPranaWireNataraja (Pair) $3,950.00
AmplifiersBel Cantoe.One REF500M Balanced Mono Amplifier (Pair)$3,990.00
Speaker CablesShunyata ResearchAnaconda Ztron (Pair)$3,998.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Ultra (Pair)$4,000.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air (Pair)$4,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 2 Biwire (Pair)$4,025.00
InterconnectsNordostValhalla (Pair)$4,090.00
InterconnectsAcrolinkMexcel 7N-A2500 II (Pair)$4,200.00
InterconnectsTeo AudioStandard Mk II XLR (Pair)$4,200.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsISM The ONE (Pair)$4,200.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioMetacarbon XLR (Pair) $4,300.00
InterconnectsTara LabsAir RS-1 (Pair)$4,320.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 2 Biamp (Pair)$4,375.00
InterconnectsSilent SourceThe Music Reference RCA (Pair) $4,595.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesClassic 770 L (Pair)$4,700.00
InterconnectsSilent SourceThe Music Reference XLR (Pair) $4,795.00
Speaker CablesStealth AudioDream Petite (Pair)$4,800.00
Speaker CablesAcrolink6N-S7000 (Pair)$4,875.00
Speaker CablesPranaWireNataraja (Pair)$4,945.00
Speaker CablesDynamique AudioChronos (Pair)$4,975.00
InterconnectsCable Research LabGold LP Reference (Pair)$4,999.00
Speaker CablesCable Research LabGold LP Reference (Pair)$4,999.00
InterconnectsElrod Power SystemsSignature Gold (Pair)$5,000.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Reference with Splitters (Pair)$5,000.00
Speaker CablesNordostValhalla (Pair)$5,199.99
Speaker CablesAcoustic ZenAbsolute Shotgun (Pair)$5,238.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignOrigo (Pair)$5,250.00
Speaker CablesDynamique AudioCelestial (Pair)$5,250.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-6065 (Pair)$5,255.00
InterconnectsAcrolinkMexcel 7N-D6100 II (Pair)$5,495.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesQueen (Pair) $5,600.00
Speaker CablesAlpha Core GoertzAG3 Divinity Biwire (Pair)$5,732.48
AmplifiersBel Cantoe.One REF1000M Balanced Mono Amplifier (Pair)$5,990.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsISM Biwire The ONE (Pair)$5,995.00
InterconnectsJena LabsPathfinder RCA (Pair)$6,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsPathfinder XLR (Pair)$6,000.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioIndra RCA (Pair) $6,000.00
Speaker CablesElrod Power SystemsSignature Silver (Pair)$6,000.00
InterconnectsAudioquestWEL Signature (Pair)$6,050.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestK2 with 72V DBS (Pair)$6,100.00
InterconnectsAcrolinkMexcel 7N-DA6300 II (Pair)$6,350.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsAIR RS-1 (Pair)$6,495.00
Speaker CablesDH Labs Silver SonicRevelation SP Biwire (Pair)$6,500.00
Speaker CablesJPS LabsAluminata Reference (Pair)$6,599.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-3038 (Pair)$6,655.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 25 (Pair)$7,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga (Pair)$7,000.00
InterconnectsTara LabsZero Edge (Pair)$7,110.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsISM The 0.8 (Pair)$7,200.00
Speaker CablesCardas AudioClear Beyond (Pair)$7,336.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestWildwood with 72V DBS (Pair)$7,400.00
InterconnectsElrod Power SystemsStatement Gold (Pair)$7,500.00
Speaker CablesLegenburg CableZeus-S (Pair)$7,550.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesEmpress (Pair) $7,650.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Dreamline Plus (Pair)$7,700.00
InterconnectsPranaWireCosmos (Pair) $7,950.00
Speaker CablesStealth AudioDream (Pair)$8,000.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Ultra with Splitters (Pair)$8,100.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyGold Eclipse 7 (Pair)$8,300.00
InterconnectsJena LabsDreamdancer RCA (Pair)$8,500.00
InterconnectsJena LabsDreamdancer XLR (Pair)$8,500.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesPrince (Pair)$9,000.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioIndra XLR (Pair) $9,300.00
Speaker CablesAnalysis PlusGolden Oval (Pair)$9,600.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga Biwire (Pair)$9,625.00
Phono AmpsSutherland EngineeringPhonoBlock (pair)$9,800.00
InterconnectsTara LabsZero Onyx (Pair)$9,810.00
Speaker CablesSilent SourceThe Music Reference (Pair)$9,995.00
InterconnectsMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle MA-X (Pair)$9,999.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioSakra RCA (Pair) $10,000.00
Speaker CablesElrod Power SystemsSignature Gold (Pair)$10,000.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesPrince Biwire (Pair)$10,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga Biamp (Pair)$10,200.00
Speaker CablesStealth AudioDream V10 (Pair)$10,400.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignPrime XLR (Pair)$10,500.00
Speaker CablesKimber KableKS-6068 (Pair)$10,530.00
Speaker CablesPranaWireCosmos (Pair)$10,900.00
InterconnectsJena LabsAwakening XLR (Pair)$11,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsAwakening RCA (Pair)$11,000.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsAwakening Twin 35 (Pair)$11,000.00
Speaker CablesTeo AudioStandard (Pair)$11,000.00
Speaker CablesAcrolinkMexcel 7N-S10000 II (Pair)$11,025.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsOmega Edge (Pair)$11,500.00
InterconnectsPranaWireAvatar (Pair) $11,950.00
Speaker CablesAudioquestWEL Signature with 72V DBS (Pair)$12,200.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesEmpress Crown (Pair) $12,500.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime (Pair)$12,800.00
InterconnectsMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle MA-X Proline (Pair)$12,999.00
InterconnectsStealth AudioSakra XLR (Pair) $13,000.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Absolute Dream (Pair)$13,500.00
InterconnectsTara LabsZero Gold (Pair)$14,310.00
InterconnectsElrod Power SystemsDiamond (Pair)$15,000.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesKing (Pair)$15,750.00
InterconnectsSiltech CablesEmpress Double Crown (Pair) $16,200.00
Speaker CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Eclipse 7 (Pair)$16,400.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Dreamline Plus with Splitters (Pair)$16,500.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesKing Biwire (Pair)$16,500.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsOmega Onyx (Pair)$18,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime Biwire (Pair)$19,250.00
Speaker CablesPranaWireAvatar (Pair)$19,900.00
Speaker CablesElrod Power SystemsStatement Gold (Pair)$20,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime Biamp (Pair)$20,400.00
Speaker CablesTara LabsOmega Gold (Pair)$24,000.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesEmperor II (Pair)$26,000.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesEmperor II Biwire (Pair)$27,000.00
Speaker CablesElrod Power SystemsDiamond (Pair)$28,000.00
SpeakersAyon AudioBlackbird (Pair)$28,000.00
Speaker CablesCrystal CableCrystalSpeak Absolute Dream with Splitters (Pair)$29,000.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesEmperor Crown (Pair)$34,500.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesEmperor Crown Biwire (Pair)$36,000.00
AmplifiersAyon AudioVulcan II (Pair)$40,900.00
Speaker CablesSiltech CablesEmperor Double Crown (Pair)$45,000.00
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