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Bel Canto's e.One FM1
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Bel Canto's e.One FM1

Tuners by Bel Canto

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Bel Canto FM1 uses a patented analog FM receiver architecture to deliver superior RF performance and interference rejection through the use of digital IF processing. The FM1 includes advanced seek algorithms, adjustable soft mute, auto-calibrated digital tuning, and FM stereo processing.

The FM1 utilizes digital processing to achieve high fidelity and optimal performance, providing excellent pilot rejection, selectivity, and unmatched audio performance. This DSP approach also ensures zero drift and optimum performance for the life of the product. The advanced digital IF section operates at 24 bit 48 Ks/s data rate. This digital output can be interfaced to a Bel Canto DAC product for D/A conversion or is converted to analog using the internal High Dynamic Range Bel Canto DAC architecture. The FM1 uses Bel Canto’s Ultra-Clock low jitter clock and 122dB dynamic range DAC to deliver superb analog output performance.

The FM1 also incorporates a digital processor for the European Radio Data System (RDS) and the North American Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS). Using this feature, the FM1 enables broadcast data such as station identification and song name to be displayed on the 8 digit alphanumeric display. The FM1 provides unprecedented functionality and performance in a compact easy to use package and is a perfect complement to a complete Bel Canto DAC or Preamp based system.

Features of the Bel Canto FM1 - FM Tuner:

Patented Digital IF analog FM tuner front end
24/96 digital outputs
High Dynamic Range 24/192 DAC analog section
RDS/RDBS Function
8 Digit Alphanumeric Green LED Display
10 Station Presets


FM Tuner:      
Input Frequency Range:   76-108 MHz  
Sensitivity with 75 ohm input:   1.1uV EMF (S+N)/N=26dB  
Input IP3:   |f2 – f1| > 1 MHz; f0 = 2 x f1 – f2  
Adjacent Channel Selectivity:   50 dB +/- 200KHz  
Alternate Channel Selectivity:   70 dB +/- 400KHz  
Frequency Response:   30Hz-15Khz -3dB  
S/N:   >63dB  
THD:   <0.1%  
  Analog 24/192 DAC Section:      
Maximum Output:   3Vrms balanced XLR, 1.5Vrms RCA  
Output Impedance:   200 ohms balanced XLR, 100 ohms RCA  
Frequency Response:   20 Hz-20KHz, +/- 0.5dB  
THD+N:   <0.0015%, 3Vrms balanced out, 1KHz  
Output Noise:   3.3uVrms, A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz  
Dynamic Range:   119dB, A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz  
  Digital Output Section:      
Digital Output Rate:   24bits/96Ks/s  
Digital Output Levels:   110 ohm AES/EBU 3Vp-p, 75 ohm SPDIF 1Vp-p, Toslink  
Station Presets:   10  
Power Input:   12VDC, 0.5A  
Power Usage On:   6W  
Power Usage Off:   0.0W  
Dimensions:   8.5 x 3.5 x 12[inches],
216 x 88 x 305[mm]
Weight:   13lbs, 6.5Kg  

Features and specifications are subject to improvements and changes without prior notice.


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