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This is The Cable Company master listing of all AC Power Conditioners. 

Along with practical issue of protecting your components from spikes and surges, a audio power conditioner has several important sonic functions including: 

1. filtering noise from the power lines (eg. stopping the refrigerator talking to your components over the AC lines),

2. filtering noise generated by the components themselves (eg. stopping the amplifier from talking to the CD player over the AC lines),

3. smoothing current fluctuations on the power lines.

Each of these elements can have  a profound effect on the sound of the system, which is amplifying all this noise.

Where to begin?

Fundamental questions include:

-How many outlets do you need?

-How dirty are your power lines (eg. do you live in a high rise building in an urban center, or is your house down a country lane)? 

-How stable are your power lines (ie. do you need a line conditioner that also regulates voltage)? In extreme cases you may want to go "off the mains" all together with the battery-based, voltage regulating line conditioners from PurePower.

Of course budget is always a question. Our offerings range from the Furman power conditioners costing under $100, on up to the very best power conditioners like the Shunyata Research Hydra series, the Synergistic Research Powercell series, and the Silver Circle Audio Pure Power units.


As is the case with audio cables and AC power cables, to help you choose the best power conditioners for your system and electrical environment most of our products are available for in-home audition through  our Cable Library service. By using our database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best AC power filters to match your components.

Click these links to learn more about the Cable Library try-at-home service, or to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

In the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at the Audience Adept/Response or PS Audio line conditioners.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at important  related categories such as AC power cables and audiophile fuses.


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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Power ConditionersFurman Sound Rack Mt.8 Outlet Series Mode Power Protection with LED Rack Lights$189.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundAC-215 Compact Power Conditioner$199.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundACD-100 AC Power Distribution 100 Amp$599.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR12$4,995.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR2$2,495.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR2p$695.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR2p-OX-Euro$1,225.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR6$3,495.00
Power ConditionersAudienceAdept Response aR6 PDC Power Distribution Center$1,500.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundAR-1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator$612.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundAR-20 II Voltage Regulator$1,599.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundAR-PRO AC Line Voltage Regulator$4,244.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundASD-120 Power Sequencer$779.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS 309$525.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS 509$765.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS 609$1,018.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS 709$1,172.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS 809$1,172.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS Reference MK 3$3,750.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Analog$2,250.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Digital$2,250.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Power Amp$2,850.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedCPN 3010$915.00
Power ConditionersCrystal CableCrystalPower Strip$3,375.00
Power ConditionersAcoustic ReviveCS-2Q Concent Stabilizer$230.00
Power ConditionersFurutechDaytona 303 $3,542.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioDectet$499.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioDmitri$5,080.00
Power ConditionersOmega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip$195.00
Power ConditionersOmega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip Plus$265.00
Power ConditionersOmega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip Plus$265.00
Power ConditionersOmega MikroDouble Helix Mk II Power Strip Plus$340.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioDuke $3,780.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioElgar$3,030.00
Power ConditionersEssential Sound ProductsEssence Reference II Power Distributor$2,999.99
Power ConditionersFuruteche-TP309$3,290.00
Power ConditionersFuruteche-TP60$385.00
Power ConditionersFuruteche-TP609$1,523.00
Power ConditionersFuruteche-TP60E (Europe Version)$569.00
Power ConditionersFuruteche-TP80$725.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedEuro CPN 3010$1,087.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Aquarius$2,250.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Genesis$24,995.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 IsoPlug$175.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Mini Mira$395.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Polaris$495.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Sigmas$4,495.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Sirius$895.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Solus$1,195.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Super Titan$12,995.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Titan $4,995.00
Power ConditionersFurutechFlow 15 Plus EMI Filter$297.00
Power ConditionersFurutechFlow 28$541.00
Power ConditionersFurutechFlux-50 Filter$1,200.00
Power ConditionersFurutechf-TP615$998.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchGalileo PowerCell LE$10,000.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekGII Titan Multi-Link$1,295.00
Power ConditionersCableProHalcyon$1,200.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioHaley$3,780.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchHydra DPC-6 v2$4,750.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchHydra Triton v2$6,995.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchHydra Typhon$5,995.00
Power ConditionersAudioquestIEC>3US$35.00
Power ConditionersCableProIntegrity$230.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioJaco $4,050.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioJuice Box One$795.00
Power ConditionersPranaWireLinebacker $2,250.00
Power ConditionersPranaWireLinebacker GP$2,995.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-10 Merit Series$45.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM1500-UPS-PFP Programmable UPS$1,195.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8 Merit Series$70.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8D Merit Series$150.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8Dx Power Conditioner with Digital Volt Meter and Pull Out Lights$150.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8L Merit Series$99.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8Lx Power Conditioner with Two Slide Out Swiveling Lights$110.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundM-8x Power Conditioner$70.00
Power ConditionersMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum Z Trap$799.00
Power ConditionersWireworld Cable TechnologyMatrix 2 Power Strip$120.00
Power ConditionersGutwireMaxCon2 (Basic Clef2)$1,319.00
Power ConditionersRunning Springs AudioMaxim$4,880.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicMini Reference Gen II Premier$1,699.00
Power ConditionersAural SymphonicsMissing Link Bus$1,600.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundMP-20 Power Relay Accessory$169.00
Power ConditionersOyaideMTB-4 $728.00
Power ConditionersOyaideMTB-6 $861.00
Power ConditionersOyaideMTS-4e$841.00
Power ConditionersOyaideMTS-6$359.00
Power ConditionersOyaideMTS-6e$1,128.00
Power ConditionersEssential Sound ProductsMusicCord Pro Power Distributor$599.99
Power ConditionersCableProNANA$350.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicNexus Premier$3,599.00
Power ConditionersHIFi-TuningNoise Destroyer$249.95
Power ConditionersPS AudioNoise Harvester$99.00
Power ConditionersOyaideOCB-1 EX$518.00
Power ConditionersOyaideOCB1-SX$390.00
Power ConditionersSiltech CablesOctopus Signature Eight$3,150.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle "12"$3,000.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle "24"$5,000.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle Premier$7,500.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPerfectWave PowerBase$999.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundPF-PRO-R Rack Mounted Power Conditioner with Power Factor Correction$510.00
Power ConditionersJena LabsPlatinum .2 Series$3,300.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundPM-PROII AC Power Conditioner $449.00
Power ConditionersWyWiresPower Broker$2,499.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPower Plant P10$4,999.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPower Plant P3 $2,499.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPower Plant P5$3,499.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchPowerCell 10 UEF$6,000.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchPowercell 6$1,995.00
Power ConditionersVooDoo CablePowermatic$399.00
Power ConditionersHB Cable DesignPowerSlave Acrylic $6,995.00
Power ConditionersHB Cable DesignPowerSlave Marble$8,995.00
Power ConditionersHB Cable DesignPowerStar Horizon$3,995.00
Power ConditionersWalker AudioPrecision Motor Drive Mk II$1,649.00
Power ConditionersAccuphasePS-1220$17,500.00
Power ConditionersAccuphasePS-520$13,500.00
Power ConditionersAnalysis PlusPS-6 $2,176.00
Power ConditionersFurman SoundPS-PRO Series II Power Conditioner and Sequencer $489.00
Power ConditionersFurutechPure Power 6$10,000.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioPure Power One 3.0$2,900.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioPure Power One 5.0$6,000.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioPure Power One 5.0 Special Edition$7,500.00
Power ConditionersPurePowerPurePower+ 1500$2,495.00
Power ConditionersPurePowerPurePower+ 2000$3,495.00
Power ConditionersPurePowerPurePower+ 3000$4,495.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchQLS-6$399.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchQLS-9$499.00
Power ConditionersTelos Audio DesignQuantum Noise Resonator$1,000.00
Power ConditionersHIFi-TuningQuantum Plug (Single)$349.95
Power ConditionersAcoustic ReviveRAS-14 AC Stabalizer$995.00
Power ConditionersCableProRevelation$350.00
Power ConditionersAcoustic ReviveRTP-2 Ultimate Power Tap$1,585.00
Power ConditionersAcoustic ReviveRTP-4ultimate Power Strip$2,695.00
Power ConditionersAcoustic ReviveRTP-6ultimate Power Strip$3,250.00
Power ConditionersJena LabsSequoia$14,000.00
Power ConditionersMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun Z Trap$599.00
Power ConditionersEntreqSilver Minimus$1,398.00
Power ConditionersEntreqSilver Tellus$2,699.00
Power ConditionersPurist Audio DesignSingle Point Power Conditioner$1,100.00
Power ConditionersGutwireStingray2$286.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioTchaik 6$10,495.00
Power ConditionersTelos Audio DesignTD-04R Power Bar$3,200.00
Power ConditionersEntreqTellus$1,149.00
Power ConditionersSynergistic ResearchTesla Powercell 6 SE$2,595.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 100$711.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 200$849.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 300$1,093.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 400$1,278.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicThe Q Premier$1,200.00
Power ConditionersHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Reference Wave Guide Power Conditioner$16,900.00
Power ConditionersHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Wave Guide Power Conditioner$12,900.00
Power ConditionersWalker AudioVelocitor (2 Outlets)$3,250.00
Power ConditionersWalker AudioVelocitor (6 Outlets)$3,750.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchVenom Amp-1$595.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchVenom Defender $195.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchVenom MPC-12$2,495.00
Power ConditionersShunyata ResearchVenom PS8$695.00
Power ConditionersChang LightspeedX Series E55$1,900.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicXXX Gen II Premier$2,499.00
Power ConditionersMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Powerbar$2,499.00
Power ConditionersMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Strip$1,499.00
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