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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 Acme Audio LabsLaunch Pad Duplex Outlet Wall Isolator$6.00
 Acme Audio Labs20amp/125volt Duplex AC Outlet$35.00
 Acme Audio Labs15 amp Decor Outlet$35.00
 Acme Audio LabsWall System Wallplate$40.00
 Acoustic ReviveRTP-2 Ultimate Power Tap$1,585.00
 Acoustic ReviveRAS-14 AC Stabalizer$995.00
 Acoustic ReviveCS-2Q Concent Stabilizer$230.00
 Acoustic ReviveRTP-4ultimate Power Strip$2,695.00
 Acoustic ReviveCB-1DB Receptacle Base Plate$325.00
 Acoustic ReviveRTP-6ultimate Power Strip$3,250.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR12$4,995.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR6$3,495.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR6 PDC Power Distribution Center$1,500.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR2$2,495.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR2p-Euro$1,125.00
 AudienceAdept Response aR2p$695.00
 Audio MagicThe Q Premier$1,200.00
 Audio MagicMini Reference Gen II Premier$1,699.00
 Audio MagicOracle "24"$5,000.00
 Audio MagicOracle "12"$3,000.00
 Audio MagicBlack Out Premium Outlet$140.00
 Audio MagicNexus Premier$3,599.00
 Audio MagicOracle Premier$7,500.00
 Audio MagicXXX Gen II Premier$2,499.00
 Audio Power IndustriesUltra Power Enhancer 2$790.00
 Audio Power IndustriesUltra Enhancer 2-20$900.00
 Audio Power IndustriesUltra Filter 1$519.00
 Audio Power IndustriesPower Pack V$680.00
 Audio Power IndustriesPower Pack II$280.00
 Audio ReplasSCB-2SZ$750.00
 Audio ReplasSCB-4SZ$1,245.00
 Audio ReplasCPC-IEC43SZ-SE IEC Collar$1,535.00
 Audio ReplasCPC-2SZ/HG AC Receptacle Housing/HG$1,650.00
 Audio ReplasCPC-35SZ$695.00
 Aural SymphonicsMissing Link Bus$1,600.00
 Cable ProNANA$349.99
 Cable ProRevelation$349.99
 Cable ProHalcyon$1,299.99
 Cable ProIntegrity$229.99
 Chang LightspeedX Series E55$1,900.00
 Chang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 300$1,093.00
 Chang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 400$1,278.00
 Chang LightspeedEuro CPN 3010$1,087.00
 Chang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 100$711.00
 Chang LightspeedThe CLS Euro 200$849.00
 Chang LightspeedCPN 3010$915.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS 309$525.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS 709$1,172.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS 809$1,172.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS Reference MK 3$3,750.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Digital$2,250.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Analog$2,250.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS Reference Ultimate Power Amp$2,850.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS 509$765.00
 Chang LightspeedCLS 609$1,018.00
 Crystal CableCrystalPower Strip$3,375.00
 EntreqSilver Minimus$1,398.00
 EntreqSilver Tellus$2,699.00
 Essential Sound ProductsMusicCord Pro Power Distributor$599.99
 Essential Sound ProductsEssence Reference II Power Distributor$2,999.99
 First Impression Music (FIM)Model 308-1 Wall Plate$48.00
 First Impression Music (FIM)Model 308-2 Wall Plate$50.00
 First Impression Music (FIM)Model 888 Outlet$140.00
 First Impression Music (FIM)Model 888PS Outlet$150.00
 Furman SoundAR-1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator$612.00
 Furman SoundPF-PRO-R Rack Mounted Power Conditioner with Power Factor Correction$510.00
 Furman SoundMP-20 Power Relay Accessory$169.00
 Furman SoundPS-PRO Series II Power Conditioner and Sequencer $489.00
 Furman SoundPM-PROII AC Power Conditioner $449.00
 Furman Sound Rack Mt.8 Outlet Series Mode Power Protection with LED Rack Lights$189.00
 Furman SoundPluglock Locking Outlet System$44.95
 Furman SoundM-8Lx Power Conditioner with Two Slide Out Swiveling Lights$110.00
 Furman SoundM-8x Power Conditioner$70.00
 Furman SoundM-10 Merit Series$45.00
 Furman SoundM-8L Merit Series$99.00
 Furman SoundM-8 Merit Series$70.00
 Furman SoundM-8D Merit Series$150.00
 Furman SoundAC-215 Compact Power Conditioner$199.00
 Furman SoundACD-100 AC Power Distribution 100 Amp$599.00
 Furman SoundAR-20 II Voltage Regulator$1,599.00
 Furman SoundAR-PRO AC Line Voltage Regulator$4,244.00
 Furman SoundASD-120 Power Sequencer$779.00
 Furman SoundM-8Dx Power Conditioner with Digital Volt Meter and Pull Out Lights$150.00
 Furman SoundM1500-UPS-PFP Programmable UPS$1,195.00
 Furutech102-D Outlet Cover$36.00
 Furutech104-D Outlet Cover$111.00
 Furutech103-S Outlet Cover$106.00
 Furuteche-TP60E (Europe Version)$569.00
 Furutech102-S Outlet Cover$36.00
 FurutechGTX-S Single Receptacle$169.00
 FurutechGTX-D G Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Gold Plating$155.00
 FurutechGTX-D R Duplex Pure Copper Receptacle w/Rhodium Plating$175.00
 FurutechFPX (R) Duplex Receptacle$125.00
 FurutechFlow 15 Plus EMI Filter$297.00
 FurutechGTX Wall Plate$160.00
 FurutechFlux-50 Filter$1,100.00
 FurutechFlow 28$541.00
 FurutechFPX (Cu) Duplex Receptacle$70.00
 FurutechFPX (G) Duplex Receptacle$95.00
 FurutechDaytona 303 $3,542.00
 GutwireMaxCon2 (Basic Clef2)$1,319.00
 HB Cable DesignPowerSlave Acrylic $6,995.00
 HB Cable DesignPowerSlave Marble$8,995.00
 HB Cable DesignPowerStar Horizon$3,995.00
 HIFi-TuningQuantum Plug (Single)$349.95
 HIFi-TuningNoise Destroyer$249.95
 IsoTekEVO3 Sirius$895.00
 IsoTekEVO3 IsoPlug$175.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Polaris$495.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Mini Mira$395.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Solus$1,195.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Genesis$24,995.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Titan $4,995.00
 IsoTekGII Titan Multi-Link$1,295.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Sigmas$4,495.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Aquarius$2,250.00
 IsoTekEVO3 Super Titan$12,995.00
 Jena LabsSequoia$14,000.00
 Jena LabsPlatinum .2 Series$3,300.00
 JPS LabsDuplex Wall Outlet$60.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Duplex Outlet$149.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Duplex 20A Super$299.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun Z Trap$599.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum Z Trap$799.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Stabilizer II In-Wall$799.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Strip$1,499.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ Powerbar$2,499.00
 NordostThor Power Distribution System$3,300.00
 Omega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip$195.00
 Omega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip Plus$265.00
 Omega MikroDouble Helix Mk II Power Strip Plus$340.00
 Omega MikroDouble Helix Mk 1 Power Strip Plus$265.00
 OyaideWPC-Z2 Wall Plate$405.00
 OyaideR-1 Outlet$179.00
 OyaideWPC-Z Wall Plate$256.00
 OyaideMTB-4 $728.00
 OyaideMTB-6 $861.00
 OyaideOCB-1 EX$518.00
 OyaideSWO-DX Outlet$115.00
 OyaideSWO-GX Outlet$120.00
 OyaideSWO-XXX Outlet$125.00
 PranaWireLinebacker In-Line Passive Power Conditioner$2,250.00
 PS AudioDectet$499.00
 PS AudioPower Plant P3 $2,499.00
 PS AudioPerfectWave PowerBase$999.00
 PS AudioPower Plant P5$3,499.00
 PS AudioPower Plant P10$4,999.00
 PS AudioNoise Harvester$99.00
 PS AudioPower Port Classic$49.00
 PurePowerPurePower+ 2000$3,495.00
 PurePowerPurePower+ 3000$4,495.00
 PurePowerPurePower+ 1500$2,495.00
 Purist Audio DesignSingle Point Power Conditioner$1,100.00
 Running Springs AudioMaxim$4,600.00
 Running Springs AudioDmitri$4,800.00
 Running Springs AudioElgar$1,100.00
 Running Springs AudioHaley$2,100.00
 Running Springs AudioDuke $2,100.00
 Running Springs AudioJaco $3,300.00
 Shunyata ResearchSR-Z1 AC Outlet$95.00
 Shunyata ResearchHydra Cyclops$1,995.00
 Shunyata ResearchVenom PS8$695.00
 Shunyata ResearchVenom Defender $195.00
 Shunyata ResearchHydra DPC-6$3,995.00
 Shunyata ResearchVenom MPC-12$2,495.00
 Shunyata ResearchHydra Triton$3,995.00
 Siltech CablesOctopus Signature Eight$3,150.00
 Silver Circle AudioPure Power One 5.0$6,000.00
 Silver Circle AudioPure Power One 3.0$2,900.00
 Silver Circle AudioPure Power One 5.0 Special Edition$7,500.00
 Silver Circle AudioTchaik 6$9,500.00
 Silver Circle AudioJuice Box One$795.00
 Silver Circle AudioJuice Box Jr.$395.00
 Sound ApplicationLine Stage$4,200.00
 Sound ApplicationXE-12S$3,200.00
 Sound ApplicationXE-6$2,200.00
 Synergistic ResearchTesla Powercell 6 SE$2,595.00
 Synergistic ResearchPowercell 6$1,995.00
 Synergistic ResearchQLS-6$399.00
 Synergistic ResearchQLS-9$499.00
 Synergistic ResearchTesla Plex SE$95.00
 Synergistic ResearchPowerCell 10 UEF$5,995.00
 Telos Audio DesignTD-04R Power Bar$3,200.00
 Telos Audio DesignQuantum Noise Resonator$1,000.00
 VooDoo CablePowermatic$399.00
 VooDoo CableHubbell IG 8300 AC Receptacle with Stainless Steel Wall Plate$49.00
 Walker AudioVelocitor (6 Outlets)$3,750.00
 Walker AudioVelocitor (2 Outlets)$3,250.00
 Walker AudioPrecision Motor Drive Mk II$1,649.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyMatrix Power Strip$120.00
 WyWiresPower Broker$2,499.00
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismACFX - IEC Mk II$699.95
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismPower Foundation I$699.95
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismPower Foundation III$999.95
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismQuietline Mk III$44.95
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismNoise Sniffer$249.95
Power Line ProductsAudioPrismACFX$499.95
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