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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 Acoustic ZenPixel Perfect Two HDMI$208.00
 Acoustic ZenSilver Photon Component$224.00
 Acoustic ZenReference S Video$102.00
 Alpha Design Labs (Furutech)Alpha H1 HDMI$85.00
 Analysis PlusHDMI-AP w/ Ethernet$49.95
 Analysis PlusComponent In Wall CL3$124.00
 Analysis PlusDVI Dual Link$64.00
 Analysis PlusOval S-Video$214.00
 Analysis PlusComponent Oval One 3-Wire$140.00
 Analysis PlusComponent Oval Reference 3-Wire$263.00
 AudienceAu-24 Composite$395.00
 AudienceAu-24 Component$795.00
 AudienceAU-24 S Video$655.00
 AudienceConductor Composite$185.00
 AudienceConductor Component$315.00
 AudienceConductor S Video$223.00
 AudioquestHDMI Slinky$49.00
 AudioquestChocolate HDMI$89.00
 AudioquestCarbon HDMI$145.00
 AudioquestVodka HDMI$265.00
 AudioquestCoffee HDMI with 72v DBS$425.00
 AudioquestDiamond HDMI with 72v DBS$935.00
 AudioquestForest HDMI$39.00
 AudioquestCinnamon HDMI$63.00
 AudioquestYIQ-5 Component$650.00
 AudioquestPearl HDMI$26.00
 AudioquestS-A S Video$25.00
 AudioquestS-G S Video$35.00
 AudioquestYIQ-G Component$50.00
 AudioquestYIQ-X Component$80.00
 AudioquestYIQ-1 Component$125.00
 AudioquestYIQ-3 Component$250.00
 Aural SymphonicsAural Vision HDMI$200.00
 Cardas AudioGolden Presence Component$240.00
 Cardas AudioHDMI High Speed$106.00
 Cardas AudioPrecision Composite$64.00
 Chord CompanyActive Resolution HDMI$250.00
 Chord CompanyHDMI Advance$100.00
 Crystal CableCrystal HDMI$500.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicHDMI 2.0 Silver$70.00
 DiMarzioRGB Video Cable$189.00
 FurutechHDMI xv1.3$438.00
 Golden SoundRuby HDMI$140.00
 Golden SoundEmerald HDMI$240.00
 Harmonic TechnologyHDMI Rev. 1.4A $99.00
 Harmonic TechnologyMagic HDMI$199.00
 JPS LabsUltraConductor Composite$99.00
 Kimber KableHD09e HDMI$39.00
 Kimber KableHD29 HDMI$187.00
 Kimber KableD-60 Composite$234.50
 Kimber KableV-21 Composite$52.50
 Kimber KableDV-30 Composite$77.50
 Kimber KableHD19e HDMI$125.00
 Kimber KableSV-Cu S Video$160.00
 Kimber KableSV-Ag S Video$275.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesHDMI 3D $139.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT2 Component$169.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT3 Component$129.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT1 Component$229.00
 Purist Audio DesignHDMI Cable$195.00
 Shunyata ResearchVenom HDMI$95.00
 Straight WireHDMI v1.4 - ConX CHE Model$16.00
 Straight WireData-Link Component$300.00
 Straight WireSlim Select HDMI$35.00
 Straight WireSilver-Link II VGA-3 RCA$150.00
 Straight WireSilver-Link II VGA-5 BNC$280.00
 Straight WireSilver-Link II VGA-VGA$280.00
 Straight WireMedia-Link VGA-5 BNC$110.00
 Straight WireMedia-Link VGA-VGA$50.00
 Straight WireMedia-Link VGA-3 RCA$70.00
 Straight WireSilver 3 VGA-3 RCA$84.00
 Straight WireSilver 5 VGA-5 BNC$140.00
 Straight WireSilver 5 VGA-VGA$145.00
 Straight WireSW SDMI Super $80.00
 Straight WireSuper HDMI-DVI $90.00
 Straight WireImage-Link Component$60.00
 Straight WireInfo-Link Component$600.00
 Straight WireGhost Buster Composite$13.50
 Straight WireImage-Link Composite$24.00
 Straight WireSilver-Link II Composite$43.00
 Straight WireImage-S Video$50.00
 Straight WireSilver-S Video$80.00
 Straight WireGhost Buster Component$35.00
 Straight WireMega-HDS S Video$150.00
 Straight WireHDMI - SW Select Model$44.00
 Straight WireSilver Link II Component$140.00
 Synergistic ResearchDVI Silver Reference$175.00
 Synergistic ResearchHDMI Directors$185.00
 Vampire Wire#HDMI-DVI$39.95
 Van den HulHDMI Flat$169.00
 Van den HulHDMI Ultimate$299.00
 VooDoo CableSilverstream HDMI 1.4 with Ethernet Link$125.00
 VooDoo CableSilverstream Digital Satellite Composite$150.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 HDMI$500.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 HDMI$170.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet 7 HDMI$100.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyIsland 7 HDMI$26.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet Component$115.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologySilver Starlight 7 HDMI$270.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet S Video$60.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyChroma 7 HDMI$46.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet Composite$31.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyChroma Composite$18.00
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