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This is The Cable Company listing for Harmonic Technology cables.

In the decade of the 1990's Harmonic Technologies pioneered the use of continuous cast, single crystal conductors in their high end audio cable designs, where metal is ultra-purified to eliminate any potential crystalline barrier distortion. Harmonic Technology’s design process obtains purity levels in excess of 99.999997% in an atmosphere completely devoid of oxygen and other contaminants. HT quickly made an impact with the Harmonic Technology interconnects and Harmonic Tech speaker cables.

Harmonic Tech digital cables and AC power cables also are held in highest regard.

The following decade Harmonic Technology adapted glass fiber and laser-like technology to the audio realm in order to create a new generation of audiophile cables. Harmonic Tech’s unique Photon interconnect and speaker cables convert audio signal to light pulses, with absolutely no digital conversions. This technology has recently been adapted to computer audio with the Harmonic Tech USB cable.

Whether considering the unique Harmonic Technology Photon cables, or cable designs using single crystal conductors, Harmonic Tech  has consistently proven itself to be among the leaders within the high performance cable market. 

To help you choose the right cables for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best cables to match your system.

To learn more about our try-at-home service visit our Cable Library , or you can request a Consultation from one of our experts.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyPhoton Amp$2,400.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyMagic Link III (Pair)$900.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyTruth Link III (Pair)$350.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyHarmony Link III (Pair)$120.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyPhoton Link (Pair)$2,400.00
InterconnectsHarmonic TechnologyMelody Link III (Pair)$600.00
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