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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 HIFi-Tuning$10 off all SilverStar and Supreme Fuses!  
 Audience$499 Special Offer on the 2-Outlet aR2p Line Filter$499.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)25-50% off New Old Stock and Show Samples 
 AudioPrismACFX - IEC Mk II$699.95
 Synergistic ResearchAcoustic Art Vibration Stand$365.00
 Golden SoundAcoustic Discs$140.00
 Improve Audio-VIP ProductsAcoustic Energizer$1,295.00
 Improve Audio-VIP ProductsAcoustic EQ$2,950.00
 DSPeakerAntiMode 2.0 Dual Core$1,199.00
 DSPeakerAnti-Mode 8033C$399.00
 DSPeakerAnti-Mode 8033S$499.00
 Synergistic ResearchART Acoustic Room Treatment Kit$3,515.00
 Synergistic ResearchART Basik$500.00
 Synergistic ResearchART Bass Station$750.00
 Synergistic ResearchART Satellite (Single)$300.00
 Synergistic ResearchART Vibraton$1,500.00
 Synergistic ResearchAtmosphere$2,495.00
 Audience (Specials)Audience Show Samples$0.00
 Acoustic SystemBasic$250.00
 Synergistic ResearchBlack Box$1,995.00
 SteinMusicBlack Magic Diamond (Single)$200.00
 SteinMusicBlack Star (Single)$40.00
 SteinMusicBlack Star+ (Single)$88.00
  Black Stone (Single)$50.00
 SteinMusicBlue Magic Diamond (Single)$300.00
 SteinMusicBlue Star (Single)$178.00
 SteinMusicBlue Sun$750.00
 SteinMusicC2 Harmonizer$500.00
 Michael Green AudioCeiling Controller$525.00
 RoomTuneCornerTune (Single)$40.00
 Analysis PlusCrimping Tool$32.00
 RoomTuneDeluxe II FS$250.00
 Purist Audio Design (Special)Demo Cable Rotation 50% Off Special! 
 FurutechDeStat-II for $275- Save $184!$275.00
 Acoustic SystemDiffuser (Single)$45.00
 HIFi-TuningDisk Demagnetizer Back in Stock and Save $50!$249.00
 RoomTuneEchoTune (Single)$40.00
 Synergistic Research (Specials)Element Series DEMO Cable Sale! 
 SteinMusicE-Pad (Single)$100.00
 FurutechFP-001 Screw Driver Set$95.00
 Synergistic ResearchFREE Powercell FEQ Module with  Powercell 10 UEF - Save almost $1000!$5,995.00
 Synergistic ResearchFrequency Equalizer FEQ$995.00
 Synergistic ResearchGet 10 HFT's FREE with Purchase of the FEQ. Save $499!$995.00
 Synergistic ResearchGet 20 HFT's FREE with Purchase of the Atmosphere. Save almost $1000!$2,495.00
 The Cable CompanyGift Certificate$0.00
 Acoustic SystemGold$1,300.00
 Golden SoundGolden Sound Super Pad$270.00
 Shakti InnovationsHallograph$1,695.00
 Herbie's Audio LabHAL-O Jr.$14.49
 SteinMusicHarmonizer Package$2,395.00
 Synergistic ResearchHFT 2.0: High Frequency Transducer$299.00
 Synergistic ResearchHFT High Frequency Transducer$75.00
 Synergistic ResearchHFT X : High Frequency Transducer (Set of 3)$299.00
 VooDoo CableIso-Pod: Special on Two or More Sets$549.00
 Analysis PlusJokari Automatic Stripper$80.00
 Analysis PlusKnife$79.00
 Michael Green AudioMini Corner Controller$375.00
 Michael Green AudioMini Echo Controller$420.00
 The Cable CompanyMisc Product 
 The Cable CompanyNEW! Headphone Lending Library$0.01
 AudioPrismNoise Sniffer$249.95
 Acoustic Sciences CorporationOriginal Tube Traps$0.00
 Audio MagicP.E.A -The Standard$600.00
 Audio MagicP.E.A. -Mini Mite$200.00
 The Cable CompanyPayPal 
 Acoustic SystemPhase Corrector$100.00
 Acoustic SystemPlatinum$2,800.00
 AudioPrismPower Foundation I$699.95
 AudioPrismPower Foundation III$999.95
 FurutechPOWERLINE PRODUCTS SPECIAL:Save on Furutech's Best AC Outlets! $155.00
 ClearAudio ProductPrecision Bubble Level$60.00
 Herbie's Audio LabPTFE HAL-O 24 IC$14.95
 Herbie's Audio LabPTFE HAL-O 27 IC$12.98
 Herbie's Audio LabPTFE HAL-O 7 IC$14.95
 Herbie's Audio LabPTFE HAL-O 9 IC$14.95
 Purist Audio DesignPurist Audio Design: 50% off on "Ultimate" System Enhancer discs - save $75!$75.00
 Michael Green AudioPZC Floor Stander$600.00
 Cardas AudioQuad Eutectic Bar Pot Kit$61.92
 Cardas AudioQuad Eutectic Roll Solder$29.33
 Telos Audio DesignQuantum Acoustics Diffuser$800.00
 AudioPrismQuietline Mk III$44.95
 HarmonixRF-5700 Tuning Tips (Set of 6)$467.50
 Cathedral SoundRoom Dampening Panels (Pair)$199.95
 BybeeRoom Neutralizers (Set of 8)$2,000.00
 ApertureRoom Treatment$650.00
 Cardas AudioRosin Flux$16.00
 Acoustic ReviveRWL-3 Room Tuning Panel$1,225.00
 FurutechS-070 Solder (10M/Reel)$49.00
 REL AcousticsSave $400 on the REL S5 Subwoofer$2,199.00
 Synergistic ResearchSave $50 on MiG Footers$99.95
 Shunyata ResearchSave $735 on the Shunyata Research MPC-12 Power Conditioner$2,250.00
 Shunyata ResearchSave 25% on ALL Ztron Interconnects, Speaker, and Digital Cables! 
 Townshend AudioSeismic Pod (Single)$150.00
 FurutechSet-Screw Connector Special - Save 25% Off! 
 JPS Labs (Specials)Show Samples 
 Acoustic SystemSilver$500.00
 ClearAudio ProductSingle-7" 45 adapter$45.00
 ClearAudio ProductSmart Stylus Gauge$25.00
 Shun MookSpatial Control Octet- Natural Maple (8 stands, 16 holders, 60 discs)$5,160.00
 Shun MookSpatial Control Quartet- Natural Maple (4 stands, 8 holders, 32 discs)$2,720.00
 Shun MookSpatial Control Sextet- Natural Maple (6 stands, 12 holders, 44 discs)$3,800.00
 Shun MookSpatial Control Sextet Triple-decker Option (6 Wall Holders, 22 Discs) $1,680.00
 SteinMusicSpeaker Match (Pair)$300.00
 SteinMusicSpeaker Match Plus$750.00
 SteinMusicSpeaker Match Signature (Pair)$1,800.00
 Acoustic SystemSpecial Gold$1,300.00
 ClearAudio ProductSPEED Strobe Test-LP$60.00
 ClearAudio ProductSPEED Strobe-Light$200.00
 RoomTuneSquare (Single)$40.00
 Acoustic Sciences CorporationStandard Tube Traps$0.00
 ClearAudio ProductTrackability Test-LP$80.00
 Shunyata ResearchTriton v2 Trade In Special$4,195.00
 Shunyata ResearchVenom PS-8 Package Offer$1,100.00
 Audio Desk SystemeVinyl Cleaner$3,995.00
 Acoustic Sciences CorporationWallDamp Strips (100 strips/box)$504.00
 WBTWBT 4% Silver Solder (Lead Based)$44.00
 WBTWBT 4% Silver Solder (Tin Based)$52.00
 WBTWBT-0198 Nextgen Assembly Tool$4.00
 WBTWBT-0299 RCA Socket Wrench$60.00
 WBTWBT-0403 Crimping Pliers$140.00
 WBTWBT-0481 Torque Screwdriver$250.00
 WBTWBT-0488 Torx Key$6.00
 WBTWBT-0490 Torque Screwdriver Set$375.00
 WBTWBT-0499 Cutting Shears$140.00
 WBTWBT-0717 Holding Tool$65.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0800 Solder$46.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0805 Solder$52.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0820 Solder$173.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0825 Solder$192.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0840 Solder$332.00
 Kimber KableWBT-0845 Solder$372.00
 ClearAudio ProductWeight Watcher$250.00
 Kimber KableWonder Solder (Lead Based)$59.00
 Kimber KableWonder Solder (RoHS Compliant Version-Tin Based)$69.00
 Acoustic ReviveWS-1 Acoustic Conditioner$235.00
 RoomTuneXLT (Single)$48.00
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