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WBT's WBT-0715 Extension Bolt (Single)
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WBT's WBT-0715 Extension Bolt (Single)

Binding Post by WBT

Manufacturer's Description:

The WBT-0715 makes possible the installation of WBT pole terminals in loudspeaker housings with a wall thickness in excess of 9 mm and where a mounting plate cannot be used. The WBT-0715 can be simply screwed on to the threaded bolt of the WBT terminal and permits installation up to a wall thickness of 50 mm.

A fixing nut and a serrated lock washer for extra hold are provided as part of the standard supply.

Important:  The cable for internal contact should be soldered or screwed on to the pole terminal as usual. The WBT-0715 is an installation help and is not part of the signal path.

The extension bolt can be used with all WBT pole terminals (with the exception of the WBT-0710 series!).

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Price: $10.00
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