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Marigo Audio Lab's VTS Tuning 2mm White Dots (Set of 12)

Misc. Accessories by Marigo Audio Lab

Manufacturer's Description:

Set of 12

Although they may seem too small to be effective, the Marigo dots are surprisingly effective tools at dampening the micro-vibrations inherent inside every audio component. Each color and size of dot has a different and specific application and one size or color should not be substituted for another. The dots take advantage of the constrained layer dampening theory; when multiple layers of differing materials are combined, they provide greater damping than an equivalently thick layer of a single material.


* ALL solid state devices: integrated circuits, voltage regulators, digital chips, 1 dot per device
* Output transistors: 1 tuning dot (please degrease transistor first)
* Rectangular resistors (Vishay, etc.): 1 tuning dot per device
* Medium size octal base vacuum tubes- on tip of key pin: 1 tuning dot per tube
* 9 pin miniature vacuum tubes- centered on bottom: 1 tuning dot per tube

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Price: $35.00
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