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Oyaide's Tunami II SP-Y Spades (Pair)
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Oyaide's Tunami II SP-Y Spades (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

TUNAMI cable, one of the most famous products of OYAIDE, has been giving a huge impact to the scene as a power cable. Taking over its power and performance, our flagship speaker cable, TUNAMI NIGO, has gotten a lot of fans by its powerful and wide-range sound in superior silent background. However, since TUNAMI NIGO has been sold as bulk cable, many customers’ demands for terminated speaker cable have been growing.  Finally in the end of 2009,
equipped with our new terminals, SPSL and SRBN, which were tuned up for TUNAMI NIGO, we achieved to produce TUNAMI II series in order to maximize its potential.


● Conductor material - 5.5 sq (69/0.32mm) Furukawa PCOCC-A
● Ultimate noise protection structure - Triple layered shilding structure ( 1st : EMI     2nd : Carbon PE     3rd : Copper foil )
● Low  electric permittivity insulator material - Polymer Polyorefin
● Outer sheath - polyurethane

*Its conductor has very low conductor resistance which helps to get high damping factor for better control ability of your speaker system.
*The alminum cable guide cap which was accurately cut by CNC machineing has stabilizer function that attenuates unnecccesary vibration.
*Compared to our traditional OR-800 A/B terminated spearker cable, TUNAMI II SP-Y/SP-B has a characterictic of punchy, powerful and hi-resolution sound.
*The terminal of SP-Y is made of pure brass and plated by a conbination of silver + platinum. The terminal of SP-B is made of phosphor bronze and plated by a conbination of silver + Rhodium. These conbinations  are carefully selected by repeated listening tests.

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Price: $662.00
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