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Audience's The One
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Audience's The One

Speakers by Audience

Manufacturer's Description:

The One is the smallest speaker in the ClairAudient line.  However, don't let its compact dimensions and "cute" factor fool you.  Just like all of its larger ClairAudient siblings, the One uniquely provides the high resolution and speed of electrostatics, the power and authority of dynamic systems and the coherency of a point source.  The ONE is designed with the same proprietary A3S Full Range Driver that is the heart of the entire line of ClairAudient loudspeakers.  The One delivers spectacular imaging as well as a full and natural midrange unmatched by loudspeakers many times their size and price.  The One's establish a new benchmark for reference quality sound reproduction from small affordable loudspeakers.  

The One is truly the biggest little speaker in the world.

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Price: $995.00
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