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Siltech Cables's Special Purchase on Siltech's Affordable MXT Series!

Specials! by Siltech Cables

Half off on Siltech's Affordable MXT Series Speaker Cables!

Siltech is best known for their super exotic cables, which also carry exotic price tags. The MXT Series is their product line for the rest of us. Great materials, terminations, and performance at surprising prices for this quality level.

We were offered a special purchase at special prices, and we have just a few left at half off!  Quantities limited to stock on hand.

1pr x  3m      Siltech London Speaker Cable (Spades)  retail $540  special price $269

0pr x  2m      Siltech Paris Speaker Cable (Spades)  retail $600  sold out

0pr x  2.5m   Siltech Paris Speaker Cable (Spades)  retail $700  sold out

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