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Stealth Audio's Sextet S/PDIF
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Stealth Audio's Sextet S/PDIF

Digital: SPDIF by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

VariDig Sextet is our attempt to design a digital cable to "match" our flagship analog interconnect, the Indra.

The Varidig Sextet cable consists of six identical, individually shielded Varidig cables, matched in length, spiraled together and run in parallel; the center of the cable is hollow and contains a flexible blanc (no metal or wire) Kevlar reinforced supporting "guide" (which runs along the cable);

The concept of running several identical digital cables in parallel is similar to "stacking" several DAC chips, employed in a number of the best DA converters; usually, such configuration increases low-level linearity, as well as subjective clarity and overall resolution.

Like all advanced STEALTH cables, the Varidig Sextet is made of extremely thin wire, and constructed entirely by hand. The impedance matching variable-along-the-lengths Varidig geometry can only be handmade (including its hand-formed Teflon insulation). The Varidig Sextet is not available in the bulk - spooled, unterminated form, it cannot be machine-made or cheaply reproduced or copied overseas.

An assembled RCA-terminated Varidig Sextet cable is very light weight and extremely flexible.

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $2,400.00
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