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Acoustic Revive's RAF-48 Air-Floating Board

Racks and Stands by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

RAF-48 employs the same air floating structure used for valuable electron microscope boards and realized with affordable price.

Air has overwhelming insulation ability compared to other vibration isolation materials like rubber or springs.

Insulation ability of RAF-48 is almost perfect and you will experience the improvement of S/N, transparency and texture of the sound due to the decrease of distortion and the decrease of distortion and incidental sound as well as deeper, wider and higher 3 dimensional acoustic field to be played back.

Up to 60Kgs of heavy equipment can be set on RAF-48.

Filling up the air is easily done with the attached inflator at the air filling terminal on the front panel RAF-48 enables easy refill of air with a small inflator where conventional air floating boards needs compressor and other big implement.



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Price: $2,035.00
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