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Sumiko's Oyster Cartridge
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Sumiko's Oyster Cartridge

Cartridges by Sumiko

Manufacturer's Description:

The Oyster is fairly refined for a cartridge at this price and represents a decent upgrade over the usual stock items which come on most turntables. A 1/2" mount moving magnet phono cartridge will fit most turntables. The Oyster offers the widest applications for budding audiophiles and people who want to hear the best out of their chrished records.

Sumiko Oyster Specifications:
*Cartridge Type: Moving Magnet
* Output Voltage/Channel: 4mV
* Stylus Tip: .6mm Bonded spherical stylus
* Cantilever: Alloy Tube
* Tracking Force: 1.25g - 2.5g
* Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20KHz
* Channel Separation (dB) 25dB
* Channel Balance (dB) 1,0dB
* Compliance 12mm/N
* Load Impedance 47kOhm
* Cartridge Weight 5.3g

Pricing Information

Price: $75.00
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