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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's Nimbus Coupler (Single)

Feet by HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems

Manufactuer's Description:

Diameter in (cm) : 3.4" (8.6)   
Height:0.5" (1.3)     

The Nimbus product line was specifically developed to control the bottom panel resonance of electronic chassis and speaker cabinets, while also providing a barrier to noise transmission to and from the component.  The HRS Nimbus product line is a user-friendly footer system that allows the end user to optimize the set up and performance of each component.

There are three primary components to the Nimbus system:
- The all polymer Nimbus Coupler
- A polymer bonded to aluminum Nimbus
- An all metallic Nimbus Spacer

The Nimbus is a proprietary HRS polymer bonded to a black anodized
billet machined aircraft aluminum housing.

Various uses include:
- Under feet of components
- Used with Nimbus Coupler and placed in direct contact with electronic chassis bottom panel
- Under feet or cones of speakers for use on hardwood and tiled floors

The Nimbus Coupler is a prorietary HRS polymer molded into a specific geometry developed by HRS.

Uses include:
- Between speaker and speaker stands
- Placed in pockets of Nimbus
- Placed on both sides of Nimbus Spacer to couple directly to bottom panel of an electronic chassis

Pricing Information

Price: $25.00
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