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Furman Sound's MP-20 Power Relay Accessory
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Furman Sound's MP-20 Power Relay Accessory

Power Conditioners by Furman Sound

Manufacturer's Description:

The MINIPORT-20 Power Relay is a UL/CUL listed, 20 amp, relay switched 120 VAC outlet, with a terminal strip that allows remote control via safe, inexpensive, low voltage Class 2 wiring. Also available is the MINIPORT-15, which is functionally identical except for its 15 amp rating. Both models include an internal 12 VDC supply, and can be controlled from a remote location with maintained or momentary contact switches.

Multiple MINIPORTs may be connected together so that all are controlled by a single switch closure, and may be linked so that all turn on simultaneously or one by one, in a delayed sequence. If delayed, the delay interval between the turn-on of one MINIPORT and the next is approximately 3 seconds. (Delayed turn-on is useful in avoiding large inrush currents that can trip house circuit breakers, that would otherwise occur if all amps were turned on simultaneously.) Turn-off always occurs simultaneously, however.

A Furman PowerLink can also be used to control MINIPORT(s). In this use, the MINIPORT(s) areconnected to terminals on the PowerLink, which provide the necessary control functions. MINIPORTs are similarly compatible with the Furman PowerPort and ASD-120 Sequenced Power Distro. With the addition of a PS-REL AC Relay to provide control, a MINIPORT can be used to extend the capacity of any other Furman power product - or, for that matter, any product with a switched outlet, such as a receiver/ amp controlled with a wireless remote. When used in this manner, the MINIPORT is switched on or off when the outlet that the PS-REL is plugged into goes on or off.

Both the MINIPORT-15 and the MINIPORT-20 come equipped with two knockout holes for permanent installation with 1/2" conduit - one on the top surface, the other on the bottom. Use of the bottom knockout hole requires removing the AC cord. According to the National Electrical Code, 1/2" conduit can accommodate up to five 20 amp circuits using ten THWN 12 gauge stranded wires; however, local codes should be checked for exact requirements.

MINIPORTs are housed in rugged steel enclosures and come equipped with a heavy duty, 10 foot AC cord. The MINIPORT-15 is fused; the MINIPORT-20 is equipped with a precision magnetic circuit breaker. The MINIPORT-20 and MINIPORT-15 are UL and CUL (Canadian) listed. Note: Because of its UL listed 20 amp rating, the MINIPORT-20 uses a 20 amp AC plug with perpendicular (not parallel) blades. If in doubt regarding your installation, please consult an electrician or call the factory.

The MINIPORT-20 is an upgrade of an earlier Furman MINIPORT. The primary differences are the ability to use momentary switches, the delayed turn-on option, and the additional knockout holes.

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