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Purist Audio Design's HDMI Cable

Video: HDMI by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer's Description:

HDMI Cable

Purist Audio Design invested two years of research to develop a HDMI cable worthy of Purist's name! The Purist Audio Design HDMI Cable is an ultra-high performance, high bandwidth cable to meet today's high-definition needs! Whether your requirements are TrueHD and DTS HD for home theater, or SACD, DVD Audio for music, The Purist Audio Design HDMI Cable will deliver sound and picture brilliantly and accurately; immersing the individual in the experience!
The HDMI cable come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Technical Specifications:

Design Goals: ULTRA High performance to cost ratio
Conductor: Single crystal copper
Shielding Level: Triple
Gauge: 24 AWG
Bandwidth: 340 Mhz (10.2 Gbps)
HDMI Certified: Yes
HDMI Spec.: High Speed HDMI
Compliant with all versions of HDMI: Yes
CE Compliant: Yes
Material Treatment: Triple (3x) Cryomag©
Overall Diameter: 10 mm
CL2 (In-WAll): Yes
Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD Yes
Supports SACD Yes
Supports DVD Audio: Yes

Pricing Information

Price: $120.00
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