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Fanfare's FM-2G-C Antenna

Misc. Accessories by Fanfare

Manufacturer's Description:

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The FM2G-C was designed to concentrate on the area of FM broadcast band that is home to most NPR radio stations and all non-profit(NPE), private radio stations. Many of these stations transmit from U.S. colleges and universities. Hence, the reason for 88 - 92MHz portion of the FM band being referred to as "The College Band".

Most FM broadcast band antennas are tuned to concentrate on the middle of the FM band which is 100MHz. However, the College Band is situated at the bottom end off the FM band which, unfortunately is at the outer end of the range for most FM antennas. Therefore, College Band stations do not receive equal reception with those stations around the mid point of the FM dial.

While NPR stations are often powered similarly to commercial stations and can be heard at greater distances, other NPE stations, because of budget, technical or policy constraints, often leave the college or other NPE stations barely listenable to all but those who live in close proximity to their transmitter.

The Fanfare FM2G-C levels the playing field for NPR and College Band radio considerably by focusing its attention on the midband point of 90MHz. The FM-2G-C is quite similar in function to our very popular FM2G , vertical FM antenna whose focus is typically on the mid point of 100MHz. Now, with the FM-2G-C, listeners who might otherwise require an elaborate directional antenna to receive their favorite NPE station can now look to the simplicity of the FM-2G-C to accomplish this task.

Installation is easily accomplished by mounting the FM2G-C on any vertical surface or mast extension. It can also be mounted atop a mast that is now being used for a TV or dedicated FM antenna without affecting the operation of either.

The FM2G accessories kit contains 25' of coax cable and an "L" bracket for mounting for an additional $10.00.  The FM-2G-C is easily combined with the standard FM-2G antenna to provide coverage from 88-108MHz, while still maintaining concentration on the College Band. As well, the FM2G-C may be converted at any time to cover the entire FM band, similarly to the FM-2G. However, the college band will no longer have any priority.

What occurs on the College Band that makes it so popular with many FM listeners? For one reason, NPR broadcasting is very popular amongst the fine arts buffs and news hawks. It is where you will find the best in classical, jazz and town hall entertainment, along with definitive, high quality reporting of public affairs and matters of business.

Freq. Range     80MHz - 100MH     
Gain(over dipole)     Better than 0dBd*
Ground Plane     None required     
Coil housing (d x h)     1"dia. x 2"
Height (O.A.)     66"     
Weight     16oz. (454g)

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Price: $119.00
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