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Aural Symphonics's Digital Statement AES/EBU
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Aural Symphonics's Digital Statement AES/EBU

Digital: AES/EBU by Aural Symphonics

Manufacaturer's Description:

Digital Statement is designed for a singular purpose, to achieve optimum performance when transferring digital data. The perfect digital cable would offer an unobstructed path for digital data between two components while keeping connector and cable reflections to a very minimum or close to none at all. Digital Statement when terminated with 75 ohm BNC connector offers the ultimate advantages of zero reflection data cable. Our original cable design, terminated using a BNC connector, eliminates soldering to the positive signal wire, no gold pin on the connector, no solder junction, just an all nude positive conductor from the cable through the BNC connector. Technically the cables center conductor with out solder on the positive conductor causes no reflections, a true zero reflection data cable is achieved without electrical or sonic compromise. This is verifiable on a Time Domain Reflectometer cable test equipment.

Digital Statement was an engineering exercise and statement made for the lowest possible data reflection across a digital cable during a time when jitter induced by cable is king.

Since most digital audio equipment uses the RCA connector, there are data reflections caused by every RCA connector with solder or crimp joints used in the termination of cable. The electrical compromise is easily measurable. Digital Statement is a price and performance step up from our Digital Standard.

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