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's Cerabase Slimline

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We have recently experienced lengthy delays in deliveries from Finite Elemente. Please contact us to discuss the timing of your purchase, your system, and best resonance control options.

Manufacturer's Description:

Cerbase Slimline:  *New*  The Slimline model provides a thin (3/4") and effective products all use a three Ceramic Ball system for increased load capacity and significantly greater efficient energy transfer.  For use with components over 20lbs.

Equipment Support

Using ceramic balls to couple equipment directly to its supporting surface, these finite elemente feet represent another example of the latest and far more sophisticated approach to dealing with the mechanical energy within components.

Equally effective under electronics, racks or speakers, the three different sizes will accommodate different loads. Best value is represented by the Cerapucs, which serve in almost all situations and are especially useful between speakers and bare wood floors. The larger CeraBases might seem costly until you experience their effects, especially under equipment racks (only those with very deep pockets will consider their application under individual components). Beautifully presented, both the Pucs and Bases also improve the appearance of equipment, making them a win-win solution. 


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Price: $150.00
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