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Black Cat Cable's First EVER Price Reduction on Black Cat Cable's VELOCE Digital, now $111!

Specials! by Black Cat Cable

First EVER Price Reduction on Black Cat Cable's VELOCE Digital, now $111!

The best selling Veloce digital cable only comes in  the 1.23m length, and has only ever been available at one price: $123.  Not much dealer margin in this special product line, but in celebration of 2011, just this once, we will make it available to you for just $111!

This  design is derived from the discontinued Stereovox model XV-2, which was something of a category-killer at $250/1m.

The designer, Chris Sommovigo of Stereovox and Illuminati fame, was challenged to produce a near state-of-the-art digital link that could sell for a song. The Black Cat Veloce is that cable, and the way it is being sold is a big part of the story.

Building the cable in only one length, 1.23m (48.5"), facilitates critical optimization at 75 ohms, and also importantly means that it can be produced in lower cost, longer production runs. Use of Chris Sommovigo's popular universal BNC/RCA connector further supports this standardization. Add to that the skinnier than usual margins both for the manufacturer and for the dealers, and you ended up with a $123 "direct price" - something of a gift to the audiophile, made even sweeter this month, or while our special purchase lasts, for just $111.

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Price: $111.00
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