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HIFi-Tuning's 10th Anniversary Fuse Sale
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HIFi-Tuning's 10th Anniversary Fuse Sale

Specials! by HIFi-Tuning

This special is no longer current and cannot be ordered.

HiFi-Tuning's 10th Anniversary Fuse Sale 

HiFi-Tuning is 10 years old in November and to celebrate we are offering our customers a special November discount of $10 on all large 6.3x 32mm (1.25") fuses, and $5 off on their small 5 x20mm (.75") fuses.

-Original Gold-plated (special $34.95 for small and $39.95 for large)

-All Silver SilverStar (special $34.95 for small and $49.95 for large)

-Supreme 99% Silver + 1% Gold and special materials treatment even beyond the cryogenics common to all types (special $50 for small and $75 for large).

A description is included below for those of you who have not yet experienced 2011's
new Supreme fuses.

You should!

Feedback is terrific with universal praise for a bigger-that-expected performance step-up even over our own SilverStar and Gold-Plated fuses.

Take a look at these reviews from Stereotimes.

"Personally, I would compare their installation to making a major component change. In other words, before you decide to change or upgrade a component, I highly recommend you give the Supreme Fuses an audition. I’m serious."

and Positive Feedback "I honestly know of no other way to spend so little, so effectively."

To apply the special discounts to your order just enter this code: x1111fuse in the comments section, or mention the HiFi-Tuning Anniversary Special to your consultant.

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