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This is The Cable Company master listing of high end turntables.

Vinyl is making a comeback. The venerable LP still sounds closest to the master tape if it is "decoded" in audiophile style. This is why The Cable Company also focuses on turntables, tonearms, and phono cartridges. Beyond these basic component parts of an analog front end we also can help with everything you need to optimize your analog rig from record mats to set up tools like alignment protractors or the Fosgate Fozgometer. And nothing cleans records like Audio Desk System's ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner.

Interested in the VPI turntables, or THEIR vinyl record cleaner? The Music Hall turntables and Pro-ject turntables offer excellent value. Thorens turntables include a fully automatic model. Another classic design comes from Rega. The Clearaudio turntables range from high value to outrageous performance models.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other analog categories such as tonearms, phono cartridges, record cleaning machines, phono amps, and turntable accessories.

Let us know how we can help. Most of our audio consultants use a turntable at home, and between us we have over a century of analog experience. 

Contact us to talk analog!

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
TurntablesClearAudio ProductPerformance DC$2,400.00
TurntablesClearAudio ProductInnovation Wood $11,000.00
TurntablesClearAudio ProductInnovation Compact Wood $8,500.00
TurntablesClearAudio ProductConcept with Verify Tonearm$1,400.00
TurntablesClearAudio ProductOvation Turntable $5,000.00
TurntablesDynavectorDV 500$3,500.00
TurntablesHanss AcousticsT-10$1,695.00
TurntablesHanss AcousticsT-20$3,920.00
TurntablesHanss AcousticsT-30$5,800.00
TurntablesHanss AcousticsT-60$7,800.00
TurntablesLuxmanPD-171 Turntable$6,400.00
TurntablesLuxmanPD-171AL Turntable$6,200.00
TurntablesMusic HallUSB-1 Turntable$249.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-2.2 Turntable with Music Hall Cartridge$449.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-2.2LE Turntable in High Gloss Ferrari Red w/ Music Hall Cartridge$499.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-2.2WH Turntable in High Gloss White w/ Music Hall Cartridge$499.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-11.1 Turntable without Cartridge$4,495.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-9.1 Turntable without Cartridge$1,995.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-9.1 Turntable with Cartridge$2,195.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-7.1 Turntable without Cartridge$1,295.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-7.1 Turntable with Cartridge$1,495.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-5.1SE Special Edition Turntable $1,095.00
TurntablesMusic HallIkura Turntable$1,195.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-5.1LE Turntable in High Gloss Ferrari Red w/ Music Hall Cartridge$995.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-5.1WH Turntable in High Gloss White w/ Music Hall Cartridge$995.00
TurntablesMusic HallMMF-5.1 Turntable with Music Hall Cartridge$875.00
TurntablesPro-JectXtension 10$2,999.00
TurntablesPro-JectDebut Carbon$399.00
TurntablesPro-JectDebut Carbon USB$499.00
TurntablesPro-JectEssential USB$399.00
TurntablesPro-JectDebut III USB$399.00
TurntablesPro-JectXpression III$699.00
TurntablesPro-JectXperience Classic$1,299.00
TurntablesPro-JectRM-5.1 SE$999.00
TurntablesRegaRP6 Turntable without Cartridge$1,495.00
TurntablesRegaRP3 Turntable $895.00
TurntablesRegaRP1 Turntable$445.00
TurntablesRegaRP8 Turntable$2,995.00
TurntablesRegaRP78 Turntable$645.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesNova$4,600.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesMillennia$9,200.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesSatellite$1,900.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesCosmos$6,800.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesStar$4,600.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesSapphire$3,100.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesJewel$2,700.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesComet$1,600.00
TurntablesSota TurntablesMoonbeam$750.00
TurntablesThorensTD240 with AT 95 E Cartridge$1,099.00
TurntablesThorensTD-2015 -Clear$3,749.00
TurntablesThorensTD-235 $949.00
TurntablesThorensTD-295 MkIV$1,199.00
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