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This is The Cable Company master listing of all Subwoofer cables. These specially designed interconnect cable types connect your preamplifier or home theater receiver to a powered subwoofer.


While a subwoofer only produces the deepest audio frequencies, it can have an important influence on the overall musical or soundtrack presentation right up through the midrange. It is not just about bass response; it is about achieving a real life aural experience. 

To help you choose the right subwoofer cable for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best subwoofer cables to match your system.

Click these links to learn more about the Cable Library try-at-home service, or to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

In the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at the Audioquest or Wireworld cable brands.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestAspen REL Subwoofer$640.00
Subwoofer CablesAudienceAU 24 Subwoofer RCA to RCA$395.00
Subwoofer CablesREL AcousticsBassline Blue$399.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestBlack Lab Subwoofer$34.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestBoxer Subwoofer$159.00
Subwoofer CablesKimber KableCadence Subwoofer$90.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestCastle Rock REL Subwoofer$500.00
Subwoofer CablesChord CompanyChameleon Vee3 Subwoofer$200.00
Subwoofer CablesChord CompanyCobra Vee3 Subwoofer$125.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestComet REL Subwoofer$800.00
Subwoofer CablesAudienceConductor Subwoofer$199.00
Subwoofer CablesChord CompanyCrimson Vee3 Subwoofer$75.00
Subwoofer CablesVooDoo CableDefinition Subwoofer$175.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement C.T.S. Subwoofer$1,200.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement C.T.S. Subwoofer REL SPEC$1,320.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Subwoofer$540.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper Subwoofer REL SPEC$660.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Subwoofer$850.00
Subwoofer CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Subwoofer REL SPEC$990.00
Subwoofer CablesStraight WireEncore II Subwoofer$120.00
Subwoofer CablesVooDoo CableEssence Subwoofer (RCA)$150.00
Subwoofer CablesVooDoo CableEvolution Subwoofer$375.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestGO-4 REL Subwoofer$219.50
Subwoofer CablesDiMarzioHigh Definition SubWoofer$99.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestHusky Subwoofer$309.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestIrish Red Subwoofer$79.00
Subwoofer CablesTara LabsISM Sub Subwoofer$895.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestK2 REL Subwoofer$3,050.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestKE-4 REL Subwoofer$1,500.00
Subwoofer CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyLuna 7 Mono Subwoofer$36.00
Subwoofer CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMatrix 3 Subwoofer Kit$279.00
Subwoofer CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMatrix 6 Subwoofer Kit$429.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestMeteor REL Subwoofer$1,250.00
Subwoofer CablesStraight WireMusicable II Subwoofer$50.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestOak REL Subwoofer$820.00
Subwoofer CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyOasis 7 Mono Subwoofer$130.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRedwood REL Subwoofer$1,900.00
Subwoofer CablesAnalysis PlusREL Subwoofer Cable$149.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 33 REL Subwoofer$105.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 44 REL Subwoofer$144.50
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestRocket 88 REL Subwoofer$274.50
Subwoofer CablesTara LabsRSC Sub Subwoofer$225.00
Subwoofer CablesWireworld Cable TechnologySolstice 7 Mono Subwoofer$73.00
Subwoofer CablesAnalysis PlusSub Oval Jumper & TConnector Subwoofer$29.00
Subwoofer CablesAnalysis PlusSub Oval Subwoofer$99.00
Subwoofer CablesDH Labs Silver SonicSubSonic Subwoofer$37.50
Subwoofer CablesAnalysis PlusSuper Sub In-Wall Subwoofer$129.00
Subwoofer CablesStraight WireSymphony II Subwoofer$74.00
Subwoofer CablesTara LabsTL-2S Subwoofer$90.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestType 4 REL Subwoofer$89.50
Subwoofer CablesVooDoo CableVelocity Subwoofer$250.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWEL Signature REL Subwoofer$6,100.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWild Dog Subwoofer$1,495.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWild Wood REL Subwoofer$3,700.00
Subwoofer CablesAudioquestWolf Subwoofer$695.00
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