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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
SpeakersREL Acoustics212SE Subwoofer$3,999.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenAdagio (Pair)$4,500.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenAdagio Jr. (Pair)$3,500.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenAdagio Jr. Center Channel (Single)$1,750.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenAllegro Subwoofer $3,700.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsArrow Transmitter$199.00
SpeakersHarbeth LoudspeakersCompact 7ES-3$3,850.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenCrescendo II (Pair)$18,000.00
SpeakersEposElan 15$1,399.00
SpeakersEposElan 30$1,999.00
SpeakersEposElan 35$2,399.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsGibraltar G1 Subwoofer 
SpeakersREL AcousticsGibraltar G2 Subwoofer 
SpeakersREL AcousticsHabitat1 Subwoofer$1,999.00
SpeakersEposK-1 (Pair)$795.00
SpeakersEposK-1C Center Channel$395.00
SpeakersEposK-2 (Pair)$1,750.00
SpeakersEposK-3 (Pair)$2,395.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsLongbow Transmitter$299.00
SpeakersEclipse TDM1 Speaker System$1,399.00
SpeakersAcoustic ZenMaestro (Pair)$43,000.00
SpeakersMusic HallMarimba (Pair)$349.00
SpeakersTownshend AudioMaximum Supertweeter$1,600.00
SpeakersHarbeth LoudspeakersMonitor 30.1 Domestic$5,990.00
SpeakersHarbeth LoudspeakersMonitor 40.1 Domestic$13,490.00
SpeakersNaim AudioMu-so Wireless Music System$1,499.00
SpeakersHarbeth LoudspeakersP3ESR$2,290.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsS2 Subwoofer$1,499.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsS3 Subwoofer$1,999.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsS5 Subwoofer$2,499.00
SpeakersBenchmarkSMS1 Loudspeaker (Pair)$2,450.00
SpeakersPro-JectSpeaker Box 5$299.00
SpeakersHRT High Resolution TechnologiesStage Speakers (Speakers Only)$599.95
SpeakersHRT High Resolution TechnologiesStage System- Standard$1,449.95
SpeakersHarbeth LoudspeakersSuper HL5$6,490.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsT-5i Subwoofer$749.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsT-7i Subwoofer$999.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsT-9i Subwoofer$1,249.00
SpeakersAudienceThe One$995.00
SpeakersREL AcousticsT-Zero Subwoofer$499.00
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